Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012

Week in Dortmund, wig & whishes

Hey gals!

So since yesterday I'm visting my mother for a week.. today is grandma's 82nd birthday :3'
And because it has always been like that I don't really think about Valentine's day or stuff. xD; (Poor Aiji, me knows...)

My grandma doesn't like me being all dolled-up so I had to stay a little 'natural' without lashes and stuff today. Yeaahrr.

Okay, my make up is still very heavy... but that's how I am. lol 

When I arrived yesterday the post was full of awesome things for me. *__*
I got my Team LM.C stuff finally, earrings for an upcoming cosplay, wig for this cosplay and something cute and great I got on ebay from a nice girl. ^__^

She said it would fit an S or M, but it fits perfectly on my tigh, eventhough I'm not that small or thin there! *Q* Awesomeeeness. 

And that's the wig... do you remember? Yes, for Kuu-chan from Devil Kiss. 

Now I just need some good bronzener which works on my pale skin..
Recently trying Yves Rocher's one.. I'm waiting for something to happen. lol 

The last days I always found something I totally wanna have while browsing..
It's a Ma*rs onepiece (rather a shirt on me) and it's sooo gorgeous! ;A; 
Totally fell in love! (Okay I want to have nearly everything from Ma*rs... but gaaaah) 

Aaah but it's sold out anyways, so... u_u; And even if.. no moooneey. lol
(Anyone wanna steal it somewhere for me? No? .. Awwwn.) 

Well, off to my grandma again! 


  1. in das onepiece bin ich auch schon seit langem verliebt ;_; kannte auch mal eine dies verkaufen wollte aber war mit dann zu teuer dafür dass es wirklich nur ein oberteil wäre x'D (und grade als kleid sieht es ja am tollsten aus..)

  2. aww~
    dein make up ist toll <3

    und das Onepiece is mega genial **

  3. Das Onepiece ist voll süss!
    Und du auch! Bist richtig hübsch!

    Ich mag dein Blog!


  4. selbst dein natürliches make up ist geil *-*

  5. So ein Onepiece in genau dem Muster aber ohne die pinken Rueschen gabs mal bei KIK ;)