Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013

My old-new addiction: BJDs. ♥

Hey everyone,

Finally my Japanese exam is over!   ̄Д ̄ =3
I finished it with a good feeling to it and I hope I will succeed and the result won't be too bad...!
Keep your fingers crossed for me, please, haha.

That also means - besides my first term paper - I'm having more freetime now! Yay!
Which also means - more blogposts.
My first one will be about something I re-discovered some time ago...

I hope you won't unfollow me now, because this so not at all gyaru-related or anything, haha..

First of all, I discovered BJDs (ball-jointed dolls) back in 2009 when my girlfriend got kind of addicted to them.
She spamed me with a lot of pictures of different dolls - and back then I just thought about them one thing: scary. (And I bet some of you do think that too.)

Even when she got her first own BJD two years later I was still sceptical.
He was expensive and I didn't see a meaning in it.
But slowly I came to be used to him.. and before I would realize it myself I carried him and well... talked to him. (That's sooner or later a natural thing to do, believe me..)

I came to like the DIM-doll boy called Masa very much.
I started to be interested in all the specific terms and things related to BJDs.
But back then I only wanted to have an Aiji-Minimee which DIM could produce if you had enough money...

Some pics made by Aiji of him!

At the end of last year DIM (dimdoll.com) stopped to produce Minimees. (TεT;)
So I didn't think I'd buy one anyways...
Buuuut everything came differently! Of course.

Originally I wanted to have a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's Spike Lita for my birthday from my mum.
So she gave me nothing but they money for them.
Due to several circum stances I couldn't buy the pair I liked anywhere in time.. and now they're like sold out everywhere, especially in my tiny size...

One evening, when I was still looking for some, already re-thinking where to spend the money on, my girlfriend sent me pics of a Doll Family-A BJD... and he could be an Aiji-lookalike with the right face up (the make up on the face of a doll)! I totally and immediately fell in love with him!
He wouldn't leave my head anymore... so my darling encouraged me to buy him instead of some shoes also because he was on sale due to an new years-event.
And I did. Aaaaah..! 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

Here are some stock photos of him!
But of course he will come without the wig, clothes and face up.

Do you know what?
I couldn't be be happier now! I have to wait between 35 and 45 days for him to be ready to be send to my place, because every BJD is handmade.
And it's really nerv-wracking I can tell!
But I'm waiting for Alice's Collections (alicescollections.com, the place I orderd him through) e-mail that he will be shipped soon everyday already..
But it's only 13 days until now.

Well, anyways, here are some FAQs for those of you who don't have a clue!

What exactly is a BJD?
"A ball-jointed doll is any doll that is articulated with ball and socket joints. In contemporary usage when referring to modern dolls, and particularly when using the acronyms BJD orABJD, it usually refers to modern Asian ball-jointed dolls. These are cast in polyurethane synthetic resin, a hard, dense plastic, and the parts strung together with a thick elastic. They are predominantly produced in Japan, South Korea and China."

What do they look like? Do all look the same?
Well, of course not!
Their range of looks is really broad, from anime-looking painted on eyes to very, very realistic tiny humans.
Everyone could find their favourite I believe. 
Boys, girls, men and women and even anthros or furry-ones. Soom also makes many creative fantasy-dolls.

Where to buy one? Are they expensive?
There are many doll companies out there recently. Most of them are chinese or korean.
Just google them and check their homepages. My favourites are DIM, Soom, Ringdoll and Doll Family-A.
There are also many resellers out there, alicescollections for example.
And hell yes, they are damn expensive for my taste.
Starting at 150$ up to 1500$ depending on which company you choose.

Aren't adults with such dolls weird?
Well, everyone to their own likings I believe?
Some people are over exaggerting I think but most people who own BJDs are completly perfectly normal creatures, haha.
I know also some Lolitas and even Gyarus! 

Well, something which has been bothering me since I started to get deeper into the fandom itself...
Big forums like denofangels.com seem to be really nice and full of friendly people at first.
Buuut there seems to be the same damn drama as in Gyaru or Lolita or whatever! I couldn't believe that!
People do make some kind of secrets on "confession" pages about other doll owners or even - other people's dolls! Isn't that kind of ridiculous?!
I was kind of shocked and I really want to keep away from that. 

Some great artists in the fandom I can recommend to you: 

Luna Lovin's Shane.
She's the awesome and nice girl who did Masa's face up. ♥
You can find her works here: 

SoftPoison's Candy.
She's a great face up and mod artist from the Netherlands! ♥
Find her awesome work here: 

What are you thoughts and feelings about this topic? Did you know about BJDs before?
Are you maybe scared of dolls? Or do you own one yourself? (?´・ω・`)


Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

Carnival? More like.. Retro-Gyaru-Day.


These days, as you might know, is carnival here in Germany.
Most people do celebrate it with cheap costumes and lots of alcohol.
Aiji and me only take these days as an advantage to dress up and to not be insulted or stared at.. haha.

So yesterday we wanted to go partying at the 'Kultkeller' again like we did Halloween..
But anyways, we didn't make it. 
We just went to the city and ate something and headed back home then..
Well, whatever.. 

I'll start with my favourite pic of the day: Me with Muffin! ♥
I like it so much, thank you, Aiji!
(So at least the day was good for taking pictures... ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ )

As you can see, I dressed up in a Kogal-outfit! 
I wanted to try it for a reaaally long time now... And since Aiji and me found a cute matching skirt at Bullet Shop which was ripped and we got it for 3 euros, I could finally do it!
My darling repaired it for me. ♥

I made some pics myself using new apps I found recently..!
Aiji showed me someof them.

Taken from my Instagram and Codenote. 
And the one from before.. I know it is a bit pixeld!

And here are the ones taken with Aiji and Aiji's camera! 
(...Btw, I used my new pink lenses with the make up!)
(v ̄ω ̄(v ̄ω ̄(v ̄ω ̄)イエーイ♪


Because of my make up and my tights I look like I was tanned.. haha.
(I wish I was.)
I really like this style! What do you think? (?´・ω・`)
(I also tried some different make up with it.)

But now I'm gonna go back to studying...!


Freitag, 8. Februar 2013

New header & special February Inspo

Hey people,

I changed my blog layout a little, as you can see.. and I got a new header!
It's made by Senya and it's so so so beautiful!! Thank you very much dear! ♥♥♥

( I still need a proper and fitting background though.. help is appreciated.)

Also, I want to talk about a special inspiration for this month.
This year began with me thinking about who and what I want to be and - taking action!
Aiji and me started dieting and we will fulfill ourselves a dream in March. :3' Hehe.

Tumblr keeps my mind very active these days - besides learning for my Japanese exam soon - and maybe I've figured out what I want my appearence and my image to be like.

I want to be a gyaru like that...

Maybe a mixture of sometimes being a little classy - more the Anegal than Oneegal - but I also don't want to lose the rockish and rebellious Ora ora and 46gal touch.

....with a body like that... 

But I wanna be inked like that... 

I know that I can't be inked everywhere~ because of possible future jobs but I've made up my mind regarding that a long time ago. So no rude comments please. ^^

So for achieving all of that I'll need a lot of time, strength and money, haha. 
I know that but I'll try to accomplish most of that through this year 2013.
What do you think? Would all of that be suitable for me? 
...So wish me luck and strength please! ♥ 

Montag, 4. Februar 2013

Kabuki RockStyle February '13

Hey gals,

Finally my semesterbreak began! (Which doesn't mean I'm going to relax.. my Japanese exam is at the end of the month!! Help.)
But we started it with a party in Essen at the 'Opium'.
That's the place where our favourite J-Rock and K-Pop party "Kabuki Rock Style" took place.

Shinpei, Aiji and me got ready at our place and when Rumi came in the evening we started drinking..
At 10PM we were in Essen.

Here's my FOTD.

Hair was much more poofy in rl...

New favourite pic! ^^

I used my new Princess Mimi Apple Green contacts from GEO. ^^
I already loved the Sesame Grey one's before. 

So we went by train, of course, trying to finish our alcohol. xD;

My beautiful darling and me. ♥

Shinpei and Rumi. ♥

In front of the club we met Lina and many of my university friends, soo great!
It was so much fun. :3'

Rumi, Lina and me. 


But then.. inside the club...
I had the worst.. breakdown because of Alcohol since.. 5 years? :'/
I'm still shocked because I don't know how that could happen - I hadn't drunk that much actually!
But Aiji went outside with me and a bit later I was kinda fine again.
Though... I don't remember like.. 60% of the party and what I did? lol
(Had no hang over the day after!) 

Anyways, here are some pics with a totally wasted me!

Shinpei, Melanie, Caro, Helena, Theresa and me. ♥

That's how I saw the club most of the time. lolol

Melanie and me. ^^

Wasted Shinpei and me. xDD

All in all I have to say that the party was.. okay. Far not the best. 
The club was small, dirty and dark. 
Also way too crowded and smelly and hot... D:
I'm a bit disappointed..