Dienstag, 28. August 2012

Gyaru valentine & some pics

Hey gals!

Just now I saw that I got a gyaru valentine this week! Q////Q ♥
I'm so thankful!
And this is it:

Thank you to whoever made it!! ♥
And regarding what is on it: Finally someone who likes my teeth, hah! |D lol
Since I was a child I got so many problems with them. My whole jaw was a mess kinda and I wore braces for more than four years. And that's why I think they are perfectly straight in a row now.. hehe
But in real life they are very yellow-ish.. no matter what I do. Anyways it isn't something but but a bacteria which prevents getting cavities.. but it doesn't look that nice. Maybe I'm gonna get a bleaching sometime..
Well, enough about my teeth!
...I like those photos were I am smiling the best, too. But it is so hard for me to smile naturally somehow.. I always look retarded when I try myself.
But on those pics my beloved girlfriend and Rito made me laugh - and success! Thank you both I can say!


Besides that, nothing special happens at the moment.
We're getting ready for the biggest event each year: Connichi in Kassel at the second weekend of September.
September will be quite busy but nice month!
Firstly, the Connichi, then it's Shinpei's birhtday and after that is finally Kabuki Rock Style again! So happy!
..Well, while going out and preparing things I took some photos..

These are the first pics without circle lenses and bottom lashes I like recently! Haha. 
I think it looks quite onee.. but it's okay. xD 
(But why do my eyebrows look so shitty on pics atm?-.-)

We went to Primark on saturday because we needed something for our cosplays..
But I ended up buying new nails (for 1,50 euro. haha) and my dream leo wedges which were reduced to 9 euros!! ;A; I wanted to have them for such a long time now but they were always to expensive!! 

Naiiiils! ♥ 

My dream shoes!! *,.*

But also our cosplay progress is quite successfull at the moment..
Here are some clues!
What arrived today and what I worked on. 

Well, well... who will guess what it is?! Hehe.. 
I'm so excited about Connichi. ♥ 

And, that's it for now! Stay tuned! 

Montag, 20. August 2012

Gal-Meet group pic & lazy hot days

Hey gals!

Are you melting in this heat as much as I am?! >__<
It's incredibly hot in Germany these days - but I'm also kinda glad about that~
The summer last year was really horrible and we thought it'd be like that this year again.. but heeeyy!
Some heat can be nice as well~ ^^

Finally cute Kyo posted one of the group pics from our summer gal-meet! :3~
And I want to share it with you, of course.

Everyone from the second day! ♥
(My face looks so round..)

Also, our dog lady is adjusting more and more to her new life!
She's here for a week now and it seems like she's really trusting us now.
Socke walks around freely and explores the flat more and more!
And she's already walking from and to the park every day by herself.. but new places are still scary and she refuses to walk there.. We'll need a lot of patience, but it's okay. 

On saturday we went to a big lake near us, the Wolfssee "wolf's lake".
I never knew such beautiful places do exist in this city! *__*
It's really big, very green with some wood and you can go bathing there! Of course it was really crowded on that day.. at every little piece. 
But anyways we found a nice place to stay and swim! We also had a picnic there. 

Socke swam like a pro! And she liked it so much. x3

But best is to be carried by Aiji.. 

beautiful lakeside ♥

Socke drying!
(Gaaahh she still looks so skinny when wet ;A; )

I wore my favourite black x pink x gold bikini on that day... but I won't show you any pics, because you don't want to see that, haha..
...What else are you doing on hot days?
Right, drinking refreshing beverages! ^__^
This is my favourite for this season: 

"Krombacher's Fassbrause" with Lemon taste.
Looks like beer, smells a little like beer.. but it isn't beer at all. xD
So yuuummy. ♥ 

There are also some photos left I want to show you.
Firstly, a pic of me from the meet up I like very much but forgot to show you~ 

The day before the meet up we went a little shopping and I had a really, really boyish day..
So I dressed a little gyaruo.

...the only pic I liked kinda from that day~ n__n 

...And lately I cleaned my lenses:
and realized how many pairs I have, haha! Take a look... 

Well, that's it for now!
Stay cool.. |D 

Cute Socke wishes you a nice evening! ♥ 

(...eeehh I need a  new signature..)

Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

Summer Gal Meet-Up and black diamond GAL unit

Hey gals!
Finally here's my post about the summer gal meet-up last weekend in Düsseldorf!
I was so excited about that, you wouldn't believe that, haha.
Many beautiful gals from all over Germany came on two days.
But due to some circumstances we could only participate on one day >__<
Anyways, it was so much fun!!

Shinpei, Aiji and me arrived on time at two at the mainstation on saturday.
Kitai, Lisa, Kate and Amanda where already there, we joined them and talked a little, until the rest came.
In the end we where 12 people, also some nice girl from the netherlands!

We went to eat something, went throught the japanes shops and took purikura, drank bubble tea..
It was really nice and chatting with everyone was so much fun.

Here are some pics~

Shinpei and me, eating. 

Beautiful me! 

My very, very beautiful Aiji <'33

Everyone in the OCSm before taking puris. 

Some of the others in the puri-machine. xD

Kitai and Aiji editing puri!

Cute Kyo and Amanda. :3

Drinking bubble tea. 

Sadly I have no group pics at the moment. >__<
Kyo was the only one who made some, so I'll have to wait until she uploads them! 

Here is my outfit, hair and make up for that day:

Top from New Yorker
Belt is selfmade
Shoes from Jumex
Foxtail was bought in Harajuku 

The hairstyle was inspired from Sakurina in the newest ageha..
But it's very difficult with extens.. >_< 

For the first time I didn't use eyeliner! 

And last but not least, our purikura! ^__^

It was such a nice day and I'll hope to see everyone again soon! x3

The second thing I wanted to tell you about is:

I'm a member of the Japanese and international GAL unit "black diamond" now!!

It's not a circle, but a unit with more then 100 gyarus in Japan and now they're also expanding to overseas! 
Our leaders are people like Mipochi and Yun (egg-model)! *-*
Other members are kuro-yayo and nearly the whole d.i.a. 109 staff. 
I'm so proud and happy now! 

The website (I'm also featured!!) is here:

And the facebook is here:

Here are some impressions of our Japanese members: 

As you can see, 
it was mainly a unit for Kuronba/Tsuyome/96gal.
But because I'm already a 46gal and aim to be 96.. I applied! ^_^ 

I hope to meet them when I'm going back to Japan hopefully at the end of the year~ 

Our new family member: Dog-lady "Socke"!

Hey gals!
Again, before I'm leaving my post about the meet up here (still waiting for group photos! D: ) I'm gonna tell you who lives with Aiji and me from now on!

As you might know, Aiji has had dogs since she was born.
And when her beloved dog Lucky died in January, she desperately wanted to have a new one.
She was searching, and searching..
And then, some weeks ago, she found Socke aka. Little Sock on facebook.. A romanian animal rescuer, Anca, looked after some stray dogs, who lived in a place where a kindergarten was built.
You know, it's really dangerous for stray dogs in Romania. They are beat and slaughtered.
We both felt in love with Socke from the very first picture.

And Anca liked us both from the start, so she wanted to give us Socke.
We discussed a little, thought about it and finally agreed.
Then everything went very fast, and last sunday morning the dog arrived by a animal rescue transport from Romania in Düsseldorf. (HAR, if you want to know more: 'Help animals romania')
We nearly didn't sleep and caught her, brought her home..

She's still very shy, but she trusts us already, and that makes me so happy. ♥
She's already sleeping next to me, likes cuddling and so on..
The only problem is that she's very afraid when we're going for a walk outside. Socke just doesn't want to move then, it's really hard. D:
But in the last days she walks into our house, that's a big relief!
But she still has to learn that it isn't dangerous to walk on her own with lash and collar here.. Aiji and me will be patient and give her the time she needs though. ^^

But I know - you want to see some pics!!

The transporter she came with.

On her way to her new home! 

Her first time in the garden right after the arrival. 

Still a little afraid.. 

"Oh noes..!"

Cuddling is the best!

First time going for a walk!

So cute, our elegant lady! ♥

Hard life... 

I never really was the dog-type of person.
But since she came into our life, I'm so in love! I never thought something like that can make you so happy.. 
I hope we'll have a long and good time together. ♥