Dienstag, 28. August 2012

Gyaru valentine & some pics

Hey gals!

Just now I saw that I got a gyaru valentine this week! Q////Q ♥
I'm so thankful!
And this is it:

Thank you to whoever made it!! ♥
And regarding what is on it: Finally someone who likes my teeth, hah! |D lol
Since I was a child I got so many problems with them. My whole jaw was a mess kinda and I wore braces for more than four years. And that's why I think they are perfectly straight in a row now.. hehe
But in real life they are very yellow-ish.. no matter what I do. Anyways it isn't something but but a bacteria which prevents getting cavities.. but it doesn't look that nice. Maybe I'm gonna get a bleaching sometime..
Well, enough about my teeth!
...I like those photos were I am smiling the best, too. But it is so hard for me to smile naturally somehow.. I always look retarded when I try myself.
But on those pics my beloved girlfriend and Rito made me laugh - and success! Thank you both I can say!


Besides that, nothing special happens at the moment.
We're getting ready for the biggest event each year: Connichi in Kassel at the second weekend of September.
September will be quite busy but nice month!
Firstly, the Connichi, then it's Shinpei's birhtday and after that is finally Kabuki Rock Style again! So happy!
..Well, while going out and preparing things I took some photos..

These are the first pics without circle lenses and bottom lashes I like recently! Haha. 
I think it looks quite onee.. but it's okay. xD 
(But why do my eyebrows look so shitty on pics atm?-.-)

We went to Primark on saturday because we needed something for our cosplays..
But I ended up buying new nails (for 1,50 euro. haha) and my dream leo wedges which were reduced to 9 euros!! ;A; I wanted to have them for such a long time now but they were always to expensive!! 

Naiiiils! ♥ 

My dream shoes!! *,.*

But also our cosplay progress is quite successfull at the moment..
Here are some clues!
What arrived today and what I worked on. 

Well, well... who will guess what it is?! Hehe.. 
I'm so excited about Connichi. ♥ 

And, that's it for now! Stay tuned! 


  1. Totally loving the hat!! *O*

    And omg, these shoes are insane, I can't wait to see them coordinated <3

  2. I totally agree with valentine, you're so cute while are you smiling ^^
    The shoes, omg, love them <3

  3. I think everyone has the same opinion as your dear Valentine. It's true. You look really enchanting when you smile.

    What else to say?
    I can't wait for your MAD cosplay and the photos I'll hopefully see! (;
    + Your get's are awesome. Those boots... *v*
    And I like your nails. Maybe I should give such... sticker-thingys a try...

  4. Ich hoffe wir können uns auf der Connichi treffen! *_*
    Die Schuhe sind toll und das Valentine stimmt auch!

    1. Jaaah sicherlich! ^___^
      Hast du facebook? Bestimmt, wa? >D
      Dann add mich mal und dann kann man auch besser Kontakt halten :3

  5. oh my goodness, you really do have a GORGEOUS smile ♥

  6. you are really gorgeous! i like your printed nails and shoes! :D