Donnerstag, 19. April 2012

Dojaku #23 - AnE Cosplay & Jiji-Hime

Hey gals!

So finally here's my blogpost about that small convention last sunday.
I've been more than busy with university until now, sorry! n___n

On saturday we went to Shinpeis place together with Aiji's little sister.
But before we went to Dortmund because Jiji needed some new hime-shoes!
And so we spent quite a lot of time at Jumex...

In the evening we made lasagne by ourselves (okay, mostly shinpei did it, but I helped! xD) and it was sooo delicious!!
Unfortunately Rito couldn't come in the evening as well, her bus didn't come.
But we were tired anyway, so we went to bed early.

On sunday we got up pretty early to get ready to go to Dortmund again!
I put on my Rin Okumura cosplay (Ao no Excorcist) again, which I also wore at Connichi last year.
I love it sooo much. ♥
In the train we finally met Rito, who also took some awesome photos of us on that day.
The convention itself was reeeeeeaaaally boring.. -w-

Me on the left and Shinpei on the right~ 

One of my favourite pics! ♥ 

Many creepy people came to me and wanted to hug me... xDD
But there were also some quite nice ones~
It's just my personal problem that I never know how to act towards strangers..
I'm really awkward when it comes to this.

My princess Jiji wore an amazing Hime-outfit on that day! :3 ♥
Take a  look!

She was soo cute!!

After the con I changed in the toilet. xD
And then we went back to the mainstation, ate some thing and went back home..

And now uni is really stressing me out.. u__û
It's so much work, regarding there are four exams at the end of the semester..
Two in Japanese and two in Social Studies..gaaaah. All that's in my head is vocabulary, kanji and statistic methods right now... :/

Freitag, 13. April 2012


Hey gals!

Now it's finally weekend and I can't wait for the convention and fun with friends! ^o^
..But a bad thing, pollen are harassing me at the moment, or something like that.. n___n°
So I'm not wearing any make up on my eyes...

That's why I got an idea and tried some gyaruo-styling for fun!
What do you think? xD

Hey, Emma, let's take a photo together!

Yaaay, it worked! xD

Kiyah, I like it very much, somehow x3'


And gooosh, I'm so happy with my Princess Mimi lenses!
I could never imagine I'd love circle lense like that. yey~

...Yesterday our guinea pigs very really talkaktive and wanted us to give them some attention~ :3 

They love cuddling! 

And while the piggies were out.... xD 

I think something's wrong here... 

We'll going to get everything together for my cosplay now!

Donnerstag, 12. April 2012

STRONG POP, Easter & Gyaru Valentine

Hey gals!

My uni-week is nearly over, only one lesson of Japanese left, yeah.
And than it's weekend, finally and on sunday there's a small convention, I'm going to cosplay again, so happy!

On tuesday finally my limited edition (first press) of LM.C new STRONG POP album arrived!!
I was sooo happy! ♥

The box is really huge!

And the back is so.. art- and colorful. x3

The fantasista utamaro T-Shirt which came with Type B! **

Actual CD.

It's quite "bodycon" but it fits perfectly! ♥

So I don't have a problem with my cosplay and how to do the shirt.. haha xD

Oh my gosh, I love the album so much...!
It's really electro heavy but there are also "classical" songs like 'Peekabo' with some awesome guitar sound, or the beautiful ballad 何も始まらなかった一日の終わりに。(Nanimo Hajimaranakatta Ichinichi no Owari ni.).. which I'm in love with since the first sounds I heard.
Also, "We are LM.C - The anthem of Strong Pop" is a total blast as well!
And Baby Talk won't get out of my head since a week now. xD'
I can really recommend you their new work!

And this is the poster which came with the first press edition! :3

Easter was quite calm and I felt it was only about eating all the day.. ooh myyy. xD;
On sunday we went to a greek restaurant, my mum, grandma and me. It was very delicious!
But I'm not used to such food anymore..
On monday I went for brunch with my dad, sister and my dad's girlfriend. It was quite.. elegant, ohoho!
I had to dress "appropriately", ahah. The restaurant was an old german farmhouse, really big and beautiful made of only dark wood.
The food was also more than delicious!

Oh my god, I'm not able to eat like a proper lady at all... but I survived it.
After the brunch I went back home, to Aiji.

Also, the days were really beautiful and sunny (except for monday..).
And I took some pictures - such a great spring feeling!

Out of our kitchen window~

Easter-"wood" (XD)!

And on time, it bloomed easter sunday!! ♥
Sooo beautiful..

Mum bought japanese cherry twigs for my old room.

....Aaaah, I nearly forgot D:
After the nice post on gyaru secrets I also got my third valentine!! I am so damn happy!! QwQ ♥♥
Thank you, whoever did it! 

Link to the original post. 

Well, sleepy-ya is off for now! 

Sonntag, 8. April 2012

Nice post on g_s!! + some Pics // Ah Hah! Make up test

Hey gals!

♥Happy Easter!♥ 

Today had been a really nice day so far. :3'
I went out to a restaurant with my family.. but more about easter tomorrow.
I woke up to a nice secret post on gyaru secrets about me and some other german gals today!! 

I was so happy!! Thank you!!
It's such a great honour to be in one row with such awesome, beautiful long-time gals. ♥
This totally made my day.. and not just mine I can tell you. ;3 

..Last thursday we wanted to meet up with Trace and some people for grilling at the Rhine..
But it was too fucking cold. >__<;
So we just went home after university and took some pics - inside of course. 

I feel much more complete with circle lense I have to admit..

My hair was so puffy, I loved it *^*

A family picture!!
With Aiji and Lumpi/Baby. ♥ 

I also got my really chip pink wig for my Ah Hah! Cosplay on friday! x3
So I had to wash, cut and style it and try my make up for it.
...Don't be schocked. xDD; 


I liked it quite much... what do you think?
Although I said after seeing all those great cosplayers at Budokan that I'm never gonna try again - I still have to do it. xD;
Well, I'm no asian and also not Japanese.. but I try my best.

Now gonna eat some easter chocolate!!