Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

Gyaru Winter Meet-up @ Düsseldorf [pic heavy]

Hey gals~

Finally here's a new blogpost. xD;
So, yesterday there was that big gyaru meet-up in Düsseldorf.
We hesistated to go there, because of various reasons, but whatever.
In the end we decided to go - and it was a great decision! ♥
Everyone was really friendly and nice that day and I got a good reputation about really coming there.
It made me happy and very, very relieved.

Senya and GooF stayed at our place from friday to sunday. :3
They arrived friday evening, we quickly went home watched "djungle-camp" (xD) and went to sleep early.
Saturday morning it took 4 hours for us to get ready - Senya did my hair, because I had no clue what to do - thanks again!

Around 1PM we went to the train station, met up with Rumi and went to Düsseldorf together.
There we were really surprised how many gals really came!
People from all over Europe! Spain, Netherlands, whatnot... And everyone was so friendly. :3'
I tried to do my best in talking to everyone.. but I'm pretty shy in the end. n__n;

The pics here were all taken by Aiji and Rumi. ^^
Big group pictures to follow:

Click to enlarge!

Left side.. 

..Right side

Everyone's looking to where the action is.. except for cute Aiji xD

Soooo many gals! Amazing, huh? 
After taking these huge group pictures we went to the OCS to take some purikura. 
(Still need to scan mine though.)

While leaving we also met Johanna, one of my university kouhais, beautiful girl!
And she wanted to take some pictures with us. ^-^

Aiji, Johanna, me and GooF 

Freezing-pic of me. Probably the best from that day. xx

Quite nice make-up shot I did myself. lol

The OCS was really, really crowded with maybe a half of all the people..
The first half went eating first.

Senya xD

Outfit pic of Senya - all Ma*rs! ♥

V.(enus Plastique), Mimi and me 

Outfit pic of GooF - Glavil by TutuHA 

Queuing up for purikura..

Daiana and Anie from Switzerland. 

After talking about black diamond with Daiana, my Japanese "Stammtisch" with some unknown but friendly Japanese guy and taking puri with Senya and GooF we went to "Takumi" for eating ramen!
Luckily we just waited about 10 minutes to get in...

Waiting for food!

Our delicious ramen and beer! *O*

Maya and her ramen. lol 

We were seated at the Japanese table - no shoes and all.
But it was really funny, especially with Rumi next to me. xD

Afterwards we went to the supermarkets and later we went back to the OCS because Senya and GooF wanted to take some more puri with different people. 
We used the time to take some more pictures. ^^

Rin and me. :3~

Aiji and Diadem Twinz

..and with me and her. ^^

Kyo tried gyaru for the first time officially!
And I think it suits her as well as gyaruo! ♥

Cute Kyo.

Because shortly afterwards we went to Burger King and then back home, I'll end this long and picture heavy post with two..err.. nice pics! 

Nicest perspective of me that day. 

Sekkushi tongue pic with Rumi! ♥

Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

[Circle Lens Review] Big Eye EOS Dolly Eye Ariale Blue from UNIQSO

Hey again gals!

About a month ago one of my favourite circle lense sellers UNIQSO asked, if I'd want to review some lenses again.
I was pretty happy and of course I said yes.
They also asked me if I'm using korean/asian make-up and of course I do..
Fastly they shipped my package and I had to do nothing but agree and wait - how comfortable! Haha.
I didn't know which kind of lenses I'd get so I was pretty excited.

After about 2 weeks I received my package right after we moved.
I was even more excited when I opened the package:

Lense case, lenses, face mask and thank you card

The thank you card was also a cute christsmas card! ♥
I tried the face mask just recently and I have to say - it's amazing. 
It's a korean brand (I can't read) and it's moisturising and softening with lavender scent.
I was a bit sceptic but it turned out to be awesome, it really softens your skin and smells great!

But now onto the circle lenses: 
I got the EOS Dolly Eye Ariale Blue.

Honestly these were lenses I'd never have bought on my own..
 Eventhough I was very sceptical about the design - I do really love it now!
It's not that unnatural or strange as I thought it'd might be. 

Lense inside the package.

Awww the package design is too cute and classy! 

Lenses inside the lense case. 

I tried them on when I went to the christmas party of my university institute. 
Because the information on UNIQSO's website says that they have a pretty low water contant, I was a bit afraid because my eyes are usually very dry. 
But I could put them in very easily and my eyes didn't hurt at all neither were they drying out! 

Lenses without much eye make.

A not so heavy make up.

And lenses in flash. You can see the details of the design pretty good.

These lenses are only 14,5mm but I think that's why the design doesn't look that unnatural on your eyes.
I like it and I think it fits to many types of make up because of that. 

And overall styling pic inculding the new lenses!
Doesn't look unnatural, right?

My outfit I chose to wear with the lenses the first time. 

Some days later, a more heavy make up for a party. 

The overall more heavy styling - the lenses still fit to it pretty well I think. 

Even on new year's eve I wore them! 
Also practicable for a classy styling. 

Recently they're really my favourite pair of lenses, because they're always easy to put in and easy to wear!
Thank you UNIQSO. ♥

Review in a nutshell:


Not that huge but making your eyes bigger.



The blue colour is amazing but pretty dark on my light eyes.
So I don't know if I should recommend them on dark eyes..
The design is chrystal-like but not too unnatural, something special, I like it.



They are easy to put in and easy to wear!
Comfort is the most important thing to me in lenses. 
And these are really comfortable.



Although I'd never thought of that, I do love these lenses!
They'd also make good everyday lenses. 
So I highly recommend them to you.