Freitag, 23. Dezember 2011

Not even 3 Days left...

...and tomorrow is Christmas! ^^
I'm not really particulary looking forward to it but it's okay. lol
I'll get alcohol at my father's in the evening. xD
Aaaand on monday it's time... ready for take off.. aaaah!

So after shopping for presents I got a new set of shorter extensions to match with long ones.
And now they are sooo comfy!!

(Just in case: I know I hadn't got on any gyaru-make up today and I didn't intend to look like that. I just wore make up so I wouldn't look.. nude. So you know that before you'll start trolling my pics on g_s again.)

Serious derp-face.

Aaand today I got my nails re-newed again!
It's not that extravagant now but it's elegant and I like it pretty much.

....Moreover I got all the things for university done for this year and it seems like the semester is nearly over. Waaii.

Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

New Jewelery & One Week Until Tokyo

Hey gals & boys! :3'

So I'm more than fucking busy with university, getting all my things done to survive the first semester before the christmas holidays begin...
But it's okay it's Japanese. lol

So yesterday my new ordered jewelery from ebay arrived - and gooosh, it's sooo beautiful! *O*
I haven't expected that!

A cross necklace, a flower necklace in gold and two rings!
I always wanted to have a tutuHA-like cross.. but I think that's pretty damn ok too.

It's so detailed and gaaaww <3 Really big. 

The first ring, it's a big black stone gold framed and fits perfectly. x3

The pink leo heart, also gold framed <3 

...Sooooo, it's only 7 days until Aiji and me are going to Japan!! ♥♥
It's my second time actually, but the first time being responsible on my own. But I think we'll manage it. lol
I still can't believe it... I waited so long to come back. 
So that's also the reason I'm not excited yet. XD; 

But I so can't wait to go new years-sale-shopping, to go to the 3 LM.C concerts (especially the Budokan live on January 8th!) and much more. *3*
So be prepared for my Tokyo-Diary! |D

Freitag, 16. Dezember 2011

Pic spam of the last days

Hellooo there again!

So here I promised a few photos I missed to upload the last days/weeks. ^^
Some outfits and some random things!

These are the newest pics from yesterday:

Daily uni-outfit ^^

...Tried to find a good shot.. XDD 

And I finally could take a cool elevator-photo. LMAO 

Two weeks ago I tried a hairbun for the first time in my life! 
That day we went to Shinpei for a lovely evening. 

I liked it pretty much for the first try ^^
It isn't that big though.. 

And here is what we did at Shinpei's: 

We had a nice dinner with something selfmade she did with her family ^^ 
And some nice tea. ♥

Yasmintea-rose! >3< 

...Aaaah I want to repeat such a lovely evening soon. ♥♥

On the second advent Aiji and me had a romantic breakfast, which was also very nice... >3< 

The nice decoration Aiji's mother made for us. ^-^

...Aaaand I found some unposted pics from the day of the small gal-meeting! 
Only two. But I like them so you'll get to see them. 

I think I looked very mature that day.. |D 

..And last but not least, a rainbow spotted over our university buildings 
in these stormy days! *O* 

Can you see it? XD 

Now I have plenty of stuff to do for university.. Do not waaant.. Gah. m(._.)m

Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2011

Gyaru Secrets #166

...Well, I thought about it a long time.
But I think I'm just gonna post it this~ way. lol

First one: 

....Next one: 

...Nuff said. lol 

...I know who it was and it's so damn hilarious.. XDD: 
But well, such a creativity... 

LM.C Fanmeet #4

Waaaahh, long time no post again.... (>__<); I'm so sorry!
But university keeps me reaaally busy. D:

But now you'll have to endure a big post-spam! lol
I'll start of with last weekend, where the LM.C fanmeet was in Düsseldorf, then a post about - BAMBAM BAAAM - gyaru_secrets! And a post with some random pics of the last weeks/days.

Sooooo the fanmeet was quite... ok.
Everything which could possibly go wrong went in fact wrong and.. yeah.
Melly and Kuchen for example couldn't come.
But it was so nice to have Ducky and Shinpei here at least ♥

On friday we went to our favourite sushiya in Krefeld but unfortunately I took no photos. D:
It was sooo nice to see Kathesh again though! ^-^

So here are the pics from the actual fanmeet... MANLY Maya is MANLY.

Ligh-tree at the christmas market in Duisburg *O* 

Unhappy looking immense Aiji-chan and me. XD

The illuminated Forum. *-*

Our small group in Düsseldorf.

Sekkushi Maya is totemo sekkushi!

Cool-ass mirror pic!

And the puris we took ^^ ♥ 

Sonntag, 20. November 2011

Small Gal Meet-Up in Dortmund! :3

Yesterday was a really, really nice day with friends since a long time now.
Ari and Aiko (who I know from university) decided to host a small gyaru meeting and asked me to come too :3
So, Aiji and me went to Dortmund and met with them and also Shinpei, Usagi and Rito. ^^
Our "hosts" were a little late, but we didn't care, since we had delay anyways.. XD;

First we "tried" to take a little walk at the christmas market but... it was too damn hot for such a thing!
It was so sunny and warm there wasn't any christmas-feeling. Dx
So we decided to go to the new big shopping mall "Thier-Galerie" and drank some bubble tea there ^^
Also we went window shopping a bit and I actually bought my new coat there!

So here are a few pics from yesterday ♥

Shinpei and Aiko ♥

Cute Jiji and meee x3'

Our group with Ri-chan...

...and with Aiji. |3

Nice shot by

Ari :3'

Our bags.. leoprint much..? xDD

My "sister" Usagi and me ♥

Lovely Aiji and me again ^-^

I hope we can repeat such a wonderful day soon!