Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2011

LM.C Fanmeet #4

Waaaahh, long time no post again.... (>__<); I'm so sorry!
But university keeps me reaaally busy. D:

But now you'll have to endure a big post-spam! lol
I'll start of with last weekend, where the LM.C fanmeet was in Düsseldorf, then a post about - BAMBAM BAAAM - gyaru_secrets! And a post with some random pics of the last weeks/days.

Sooooo the fanmeet was quite... ok.
Everything which could possibly go wrong went in fact wrong and.. yeah.
Melly and Kuchen for example couldn't come.
But it was so nice to have Ducky and Shinpei here at least ♥

On friday we went to our favourite sushiya in Krefeld but unfortunately I took no photos. D:
It was sooo nice to see Kathesh again though! ^-^

So here are the pics from the actual fanmeet... MANLY Maya is MANLY.

Ligh-tree at the christmas market in Duisburg *O* 

Unhappy looking immense Aiji-chan and me. XD

The illuminated Forum. *-*

Our small group in Düsseldorf.

Sekkushi Maya is totemo sekkushi!

Cool-ass mirror pic!

And the puris we took ^^ ♥ 

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