Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

Life update & finally some new pics~

Hey gals!
Finally I'm getting quite enthusiastic about my life and stuff again. That makes things much easier.
Well, that's not only because on monday we had an appointment for a new flat again and it went pretty well.
Tomorrow or the day after we'll see if we can move soon! Wish me luck.

And today I went to university after a looong time again.
We had a meeting with some fellow Japanese-students about the prepartions for the welcoming-days for the new students!
We'll be doing some kind of a campus-race which will be really fun, haha.. be prepared, everybody who's gonna be new at our faculty! ;'D
Lina and me will team up to hold one of those games~

I also had a look at my corrected Japanese exam.
And everything was as I thought.. my kanji are so ugly that some of them can't be counted as correct. LOL
I really need to work on that, although it's hard.
But Fujita-sensei said that she really likes my translations! hehe. That kind of motivated me again.
I will try even harder this semester! I really want to go abroad for some time...

Moreover I got a slight cold since sunday..
Everything is kinda exhausting because of that but I need to be healthy again soon because of saturday!!
On saturday it's finally party-time again!
"Kabuki Rock Style" this time in Oberhausen at the 'Kulttempel'. I'm sooooo excited!  ♥

....And I'm thinking about making some blog posts about more.. deeper topics. Or something more informational~ Maybe somethings which are quite controversal.
 Do you know what I mean? What do you think about it?
Dear Yuku motivated me regarding that~ 'Cos I think it's indeed a good idea.


Buuuut... last but not least, of course some pics!
I finally was encouraged to take some after I dressed up for going out anyways.
I got some new stuff at the weekend because my mum saved money and wanted to give me some of that... she's really the nicest mum! ♥


Fashionista-pic. lol


I have to say I really like my eye make today~

My first Litas Aiji bought me!! ♥♥♥

Weeelll tomorrow is a rest day~
And that's it, until now!
(Still have to keep up with the Connichi-entry though.. maybe tomorrow. lol)

Dienstag, 25. September 2012

1st Make-up Tutorial: Maya's Usual Make-up

Hey gals!
Finally it's about time to present you my make-up tutorial I was asked for a lot of times until now!
And that makes me so happpyyy. Yeah!

Sorry for the delay, but here weg go!

At first, I made a  all in one step-by-step picture for those who want short facts and instructions!
Here it is:

Just click to enlarge (or safe) it. 

Now I'm gonna show you what make-up I use!
For my face: 

1: Manhatten 2in1 Make-up & Powder No.15 'Porcelain' 
2: Face lotion '20+' by Aok 
3: Manhatten Powder Mat Make-up No.80 'Sand' 
4: essence coverstick  No.01 'Mat Sand'
5: Nivea blush 'Stay Real' 
6: MNY by Maybelline blush No.201 (not used here.)
7: Catrice blush No.050 Apricot Smoothie
8. Dolly Wink eyebrow pencil "Honey Brown" 
9. essence lip gloss nude 'Rebels' 

And my eyes: 

1: essence eye shadow No.01 'chill out' 
2: catrice eye shadow 'Made to stay' No.020 'Lord of the blings' 
3: ebay eyeshadow palette owned by Aiji. lol 
4: essence liquid eyeliner waterproof in black 
5: Maybelline mascara Volum' Express 'cat eyes' 
6: essence eye shadow brush 
7: essence Kajal pencil black 
8: Diamond Lash 'Glamorous eyes' top lashes 
9: Diamond Lash 'Princess Eye' bottom lashes 
10: LashGrip eyelash glue 
11: Circle lense (various) 

At first I use the face fluid, liquid make-up and powder.
Of course. 

Excuse my scary, make-upless face. lol 

Then, draw on 'dem eyebrows! Yeha. 

Use blush onto the cheekbones if you have a rather round face like me.
(Using it below the cheekbones it will make your face even chubbier.) 


Now just follow the same steps as in the first picture. 

White eyeshadow onto the whole upper lid and below the inner corner of your eye. 

Like disss. 

(Oh, my derpy face..) 
Highlight your nose bridge and between your eyebrows with the same eyeshadow.
(Concealer doesn't work for me here.) 

Apply gold eyeshadow onto your lower eyelid. 

Here you can see, which lightbrown/gold I'm using next! 

Apply it to the outer corner of your eyes and blend it in. 

Next is a darker brown! 

Apply it to the inner-outer corner (lol) and under your eyes. 
Like this. 

Draw a slightly heavy line with liquid eyeliner. 

Thicker in the middle.

Extend it at the outer and inner corner.

Also draw a thinner line at the inner corner. 

Next is applying mascara! 

Now: Apply top and bottom lashes! 

Close to your own lashes!
I don't use tweezers or anything, just my fingers.

Leave a space with the bottom lashes at the outer corner. 
Bottom and top lashes touch slightly at the end. 

Top everything with putting in circle lenses!
(I usually put them in first, it's the safest way.
But I needed to see every little detail here, so I did it at the end this time.) 

...and now, after adding lipgloss,  you're finished!

(Sorry I was too lazy to put in my hair. lol)

Giant noooseee. 

My eyebrows always do these weird wrinkles. lol

I hope you liked it!! ♥♥♥
At the moment I'm trying a different make. When I think I'm good enough at it, I'll maybe be doing another tutorial, hehe. 

Dienstag, 18. September 2012

Somehow back to life

Hey gals,

It's a little over a week now that Baby's gone and we try to adjust to life again more and more.
The last week I cried once nearly everyday but it's better now.
The loss is still heavy on my heart but we need to continue with everything so I'm trying to post normally again.

So I'll start a little pic spam of the last week now~
Before I'll post my make-up tutorial finally today or tomorrow and blog about Connichi. ♥

I'm sorry that there are no real outfit or make up posts - I just wasn't in the mood.

My (fake) Ma*rs babydoll arrived! *3*
(I don't care if it's not original. lol)

Also my secondhand dreamv set arrived!
I wanted to have it for so long!! :33
(no make and hair, as I said. lol) 

And now more of a 'Best of Socke'-spam!! ♥♥
She gets much happier and more open-minded lately!

I think you can see a lot more hapiness and thankfulness in her face now! 


My lovely girl ♥♥

She even walks by herself now! (Haha, that sounds stupid.)
Lash and collar are totally okay, she even wants to be the one going in front of us and she looks after us, very protective.
At home she's also not so easily scared anymore.. and she learns so fast! Happy happy happy!! 

..And now onto the bigger news:
There's someone trying to ease our pain recently. Honestly, we wanted~ to wait a certain time.. but life without a cat is just unbearable!
(And no, just keep your shitty comments to yourselves, I won't be letting you judge us because we own one~ cat and one~ dog. LMAO) 

His name is Muffin and he's made of pure cuteness. ♥ 

At first it was quite.. strange and it was hard for me to feed him from the same place I fed Baby..
And he also sleeps on the same spots as she did.
But he's so lovely, wanting our love and attention almost constantly, giving little 'kisses' and sleeping right beside us. He's also very talkactive and I have a feeling as if there's someone short, black and white with a game controller up in heaven... 

Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

R.I.P., my baby...

Hey gals,
I'm sorry my make-up tutorial and Connichi posts and updates will be postponed.
I'm not able to do anything properly right now. Sorry.

On monday Aiji's and my beloved cat Lumpi/Baby died. Suddenly. Of a heart attack.
She was healthy, happy.. and then she died. Out of the blue.
Died in Aiji's arms, me standing right beside her.
"Things like that happen from time to time. Without any explanation." These were the vet's words.

This was the most horrorfying and terrible day of my life.
We're both weeping and crying since than and simply can't stop.

That cute little furball was my baby, my child.
I knew her since Aiji raised her with her own hands three years ago.
She was simply too young to be taken away...

It's horrible to see everything here which reminds me of her.. and sure, everything here around reminds me of her.
And I don't want it to be true that she'll never come back in my arms. I simply can't accept that.

I'm breaking down everytime again I see a pic of her.. her sleeping places, toilet, eating place..
Even crying while writing that now.
I feel like I can never be happy again.

"Be happy that she didn't suffer or anything."

But it's simply so unfair...

I love you so much.
Please take care of us from over the rainbow bridge...

Montag, 3. September 2012

Something good on g_s: Make up tutorial requests

Hey gals!

As my rage vanished over night and I'm all like 'fuck you anyway' I'm gonna continue with the real life and things which are worth giving attention to them.

Maybe you've seen that someone requested a make up tutorial on g_s. *-*
And many more people start to request it in the comments!
I'm soo happy about that! I feel very honoured with such things, you know.

The request was on this picture but I think my make up didn't change much but improved a lot since then.
So I'm gonna do a tutorial on my usual make up soon! 

Because I'm very webcam-shy (nice word) I'm gonna do it with pictures first!
But very detailed, I promise. 
If I get a nice feedback then maybe I'll think of doing a video, too. :3~ 

Still very, very happy that so many people seem to like my work...!

So far,