Montag, 3. September 2012

Something good on g_s: Make up tutorial requests

Hey gals!

As my rage vanished over night and I'm all like 'fuck you anyway' I'm gonna continue with the real life and things which are worth giving attention to them.

Maybe you've seen that someone requested a make up tutorial on g_s. *-*
And many more people start to request it in the comments!
I'm soo happy about that! I feel very honoured with such things, you know.

The request was on this picture but I think my make up didn't change much but improved a lot since then.
So I'm gonna do a tutorial on my usual make up soon! 

Because I'm very webcam-shy (nice word) I'm gonna do it with pictures first!
But very detailed, I promise. 
If I get a nice feedback then maybe I'll think of doing a video, too. :3~ 

Still very, very happy that so many people seem to like my work...!

So far, 


  1. Ooh darauf freue ich mich schon! :D Ich hab auch mal ein Make-up-Tutorial gemacht, auch mit Fotos^^ Webcam is doof XD

  2. I'm really looking foward to it! <3
    I just love your eye make-up :)

  3. Ich bin gespannt darauf, dein Make Up ist echt schön!

  4. Kein Wunder, dass alle ein Make-Up Tutorial haben wollen - sieht bei dir doch auch immer super toll aus! :D
    Was ich besonders beeindruckend fand, war, dass es sogar ohne Linsen total super top aussah, als ich bei euch war... *-*

  5. : ) find ich total gut, dass du das machst.

  6. im looking forward to your tutorial!!
    i also think you improved a lot! and i think if you smile like on this pic you are super cute!!
    i hope soon you can also do a tutorial by camera but at first by picture is okay!!
    i didnt do a tutorial yet! (;_;) but my make up is not special so its ok :D

    oh~ and if you have time, please check out my new blog post!(。・ε・。) and if you like it you can write a comment☆彡 i would be happy!!^^
    have a nice day and take care~~ 

  7. I'd actually like a picture tutorial more. Btw, you get an award from me :