Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

R.I.P., my baby...

Hey gals,
I'm sorry my make-up tutorial and Connichi posts and updates will be postponed.
I'm not able to do anything properly right now. Sorry.

On monday Aiji's and my beloved cat Lumpi/Baby died. Suddenly. Of a heart attack.
She was healthy, happy.. and then she died. Out of the blue.
Died in Aiji's arms, me standing right beside her.
"Things like that happen from time to time. Without any explanation." These were the vet's words.

This was the most horrorfying and terrible day of my life.
We're both weeping and crying since than and simply can't stop.

That cute little furball was my baby, my child.
I knew her since Aiji raised her with her own hands three years ago.
She was simply too young to be taken away...

It's horrible to see everything here which reminds me of her.. and sure, everything here around reminds me of her.
And I don't want it to be true that she'll never come back in my arms. I simply can't accept that.

I'm breaking down everytime again I see a pic of her.. her sleeping places, toilet, eating place..
Even crying while writing that now.
I feel like I can never be happy again.

"Be happy that she didn't suffer or anything."

But it's simply so unfair...

I love you so much.
Please take care of us from over the rainbow bridge...


  1. oh nein ;___; das ist schrecklich..wenn ich mir vorstelle, mein Hund würde plötzlich sterben..;__; aber sowas kann einfach passieren..wie traurig :( Mein Beleid<3

  2. es tut mir so furchtbar leid für dich! ._. beziehungsweise für euch...

  3. Dunno what to write anymore...
    Consolation and strength to overcome this sadness is what I wish for you now.

  4. das tut mir so unendlich leid! ich hab anfagn dieses jahres meine 16 jährige susi einschläfern lassen müssen, auch sie ist in meinen armen gestorben. es tut schrecklich weh und ich weiß genau wie du dich fühlst. mein beileid.

    war deine katze krank oder kams echt total unerwartet?

    1. Es kam ganz plötzlich..
      'ne halbe Stunde vorher hat sie noch geschmust, gegessen und ist rumgetobt. Ganz normal, wie immer.
      Und dann ist das plötzlich einfach passiert, als sie aus dem Schlaf aufgewacht ist, während sie aufm Sofa lag.
      Das hat vielleicht zwei Minuten gedauert, dann war sie plötzlich tot..
      Und niemand weiß, wieso genau. Noch nicht mal der Tierarzt konnte uns das erklären.

  5. That's really horrible...I know how doest it feel to lose pet...
    Be strong be pop, honey. Your kitty still loves you two on the heavens ♥