Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

DreamV stuff arrived!!

Hey gals,

I saved some money and ordered at DreamV for the first time in the beginning of the month.
Using Rakuten was easier than I thought, haha.
Although the shipping fees are really.. expensive, it's worth it. Definitley.

It took like 2 weeks for the package to arrive.. although it should only be 3 to 5 days.
But whatever, it's here now!

I orderd a belt, an one-piece and a top.
But the package was really small:

The inside! All wrapped in plastic~ 

Top, OP and belt!

I had to pay costum fees - 18 euro. Gnaaahh. 
But it was delivered to my door so I didn't have to go to the costums office gladly. 

Yesterday I took some try-on pics with Aiji's wig on and now lashes or anything, I was really exhausted but I needed some pics. 

Mipochi-like top *__* and belt 

Belt close-up!
I'm actually surprised that it really fits me. 

I love the design~
And the quality is also quite good eventhough it's half the price of a d.i.a. belt. 
(d.i.a. is real leather though) 

Lace detail~ 

Sorry for my face. lol 

Great collar design! ♥ 

I love the stuff and will order there again for sure!
Next is another belt, haha~ 

Here a pic of curious Muffin with my stuff (he's so persistant!) : 

Bye bye, 

Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2012

My thoughts on Gyaru

Hey gals,
Today I've got a more serious post for you. It won't contain much or any pics either.
But I thought about such a thing a long time now and I'll try to put my emotions in words now.

The main reason I'm writing this is because I do think that nearly the whole western gyaru community is pretty much... fucked up. Like, really fucked up.

I even heared about that before I came to like that style.
It had been things like 'Oh, beware those gals are all antisocial and bitchy'.
But well, I thought "I don't care what other people think I'll have to make my own experiences!"
And that's pretty much how I handle my life. Making your own impressions of something first.
But now I sadly have to admit that this time the person who told me that was about 90% right.

First of all,
look at what comes to everyone's thoughts first:
Gyaru Secrets.
Everybody indicates that he hates it but honestly nearly everyone is excited about those secrets every week.
I also think some are quite funny or true - but most of them are just exaggerated shit.
And nothing more besides that.

All that "Naaawww, that's not gyaru! / You're too fat / Never try again, bitch!" creates the worst atmosphere in what should be an 'underground' style I've ever experienced.
The original gal-lifestyle was about being unique and not caring what anybody else thinks about you. About doing things your own way and about being open-minded despite the (japanese) conservative society.
And guess what?
Right. The western community turned everything upside down.
It's all about "what really looks gal and what doesn't" - it creates some strange rules which never existed before and which are just really.. unnecessary.
Sure, some basic things whick make gyarus should be there: like fake lashes, great hair, plenty of make-up and a good sense of fashion coordination.
But that, girls, is practicable for everyone! Regardless of weight or skin-colour or whatnot.
Why keep on complaining about "You fail at everything, just stop it!" instead of giving constructive criticsm and helping each other out?

"You just can't live in a world where everybody loves you! So why do you always try so hard?"
Yeah, I know that, sadly.
But if everyone would respect each other and would at least be friendly or ignore the people you don't like it would be a lot  better, don't you think so?
Little things are also important.

I really hate how un-unique many western gals want to be it seems.
(Although they're shoving it into your face how special they are.)
I always have a funny image in my mind:
Imagine, a punk guy would walk up to another punk guy and tell him
"Oh noooo! Your hair spike is a little too much to the left side! How could you call that punk?!"
wouldn't that be hilarious?
Yeah, and that's pretty much how I see all the hate here.

Moreover it seems to me that in this community it just isn't enough to like the same make-up or substyle to get along with each other.
But that's not that bad to begin with - it's just sad that it seems like we're judging each other based on other likings besides that.
If you can't get along with someone then just leave him/her be, what's so hard about that?
I needed to learn how to do that and I felt much better afterwards.

Another thing is the big failure of so called "gyaru circles" here in the west.
I've been in two and both failed with great applause.
I'll never ever be in one again.
Also this concept is somehow misinterpreted by western communities.

I'm ashamed of what our western gyaru community is mostly.
I'm ashamed of being compared to those bitches which truly exist here.
I'm ashamed of what Japanese gyarus think of us.
I'm ashamed of calling myself a gaijin gyaru with all those bad conotations it has.

But don't be afraid I won't stop with Gyaru. Really, no.
Not because of such shit - it's just on the internet (mostly) and I'm dressing up my body and not my facebook profile (or such things).
I love my Ane Gal, 46gal and Ora Ora way too much to stop!
But I retreated from the German community (in a physical way as I won't ever go to any meetings again and on the internet) which relieved me a lot in the end.
Still it's not only here in my country but everywhere else around the world.
And it's not only concerning me but so many people.

I know what probably will go on behind my back again now.
But really - I don't give a fuck. It's the internet and nobody will ever be brave enough to step up and talk to me face to face.
If I don't want to be confronted with bullshit I can just close tabs or shut down my PC. Easy as that.
If there are people who get off on my 'bad bad life' - just have fun, lol. I won't stop you.

This needed to be said.
I even got stomachaches because sometime I needed to tell everyone my own opinions.
Now I feel much better. Heeehaw.

Some last clear facts: 

- I'm always open to talk to anyone who has a problem with me (think about that for yourself!)

- I don't hate any gyaru. Hate is just too strong of a word.

- I will keep on being gyaru to maybe make our comm a better place sometime
(I love things like our gyaru LVL up group on facebook!)

- I will help anyone who asks for my advice - it beeing in style or problems.

My dream is bringing the sense for gyaru back to it's origins.
Being sexy, rebellious, carefree, open-minded and where the main goal is simply:
To have fun!
Most importantly: Dress up for yourself. Not for everyone else.


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Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

Frankfurt Bookfair / Frankfurter Buchmesse 2012

Hey gals!
Sorry for not posting so long again, haha..
This time it's gonna be a cosplay and convention post finally again!
Oh, how I always miss that part of my life. Even after all these years I'm still so very excited for every new convention I'm attending.

So like two weeks ago we decided to go to Frankfurt for the anual bookfair.
Never been to one before, not even the Leipziger one, which is more than very popular for German cosplayers.
But as spontanous as we are we organized a small cosplay group finally doing Ao no Exorcist again!!
(For all of you who are interested in anime/manga and still haven't read or watched it yet I highly recommend both anime and manga of this series!)

I enjoy putting on my Rin cosplay so much.. maybe a little too much, haha.
Acting like a dorky guy is one of my favourite freetime activities, you know.
I love his fuck everything-attitude a lot!

Well, onto the happening now..
We were a group of five that day: Aiji, her little sister, Shinpei and Jay, whom we've got to know just the day before in real life and she's such a nice and funny girl!
Early in the morning around seven we headed to the mainstation and went on our long nearly 5 hours trip to Frankfurt by train.
I got ready on the train itself because I didn't want to ride for five hours in full cosplay.
Changing trains in Cologne and Siegen we played cards, drank some highly needed energy drinks and laughed a lot.
It had been a long time since we'd been in such high spirits before a convention!

Aiji as Yukio and me as Rin! ♥

Sammy as Gumi from Vocaloid. 

Shinpei as our lovely Shiemi! 

Jay as my awesome Kuro!

Arriving around twelve we stood in line to buy tickets and I was afraid I couldn't take my "sword" with me..
But in the end I didn't need to worry!
Just had to promise some security woman that I won't smack anyone with it, haha.

Arriving in Frankfurt! 

Just when we got in we met another Yukio who desperately needed some eyeliner so I lend him mine. xD
Good looking Yukio it was./Yoda-ya
So we strolled around the huuuuge halls and had a look at the comic section as well as at the other sections.
I nearly took part at a politics quiz thingy but I was afraid to lose so I didn't do it anyway, although I'm pretty much into politics, haha.

Awesome way of transportation at the convention center!


I really should read these books..

They also had new editions of Tollkien's Hobbit because of the movie.

Many nice people asked for photos I was so amazed!
Some even wanted to take pics with~ me! *-*
I'm really not used to that because my usual cosplays.. nobody knows about them here./sad laugh

We also got to know many lovely AnE cosplayers.. because of Jay.
She's such an open-minded girl she just went and talked them into taking photos with us!
Everyone was happy about that and we had always so much fun taking such group photos.

Us with a great Shura!

Another great AnE group!
When we shot this, so many other people came to take our photo as well!
(Also Yukio is on it this time, yay!)

With an AnE-Pokemon-group, awesome! 8D

LOL windy wind!! My haaiirr~
Found a dad! 8D (plus young Mephisto.)

You know...
We always thought everyone else was unfriendly or arrogant, regarding other AnE cosplayers..
But it seems like it was just the case that those other people were just as shy as us!!
Now that we had Jay to break the barriers we met awesome and nice cosplayers! Thaaanks again, haha~

Of course we also had our usual sinlge- and group-shootings... 

Me and my brother!

Taking four-eye's glasses...

I looove this one! ♥

Mehehe, I shot this and edited it! /proud

Cat playing with water? Must be a demon..

Okumura kyoudai!

They day went by pretty fast and there wasn't a minute to rest.
After we went back home we ate some yummy noodles at Frankfurt mainstation and hopped back on the train...
Such a great, great day since a long time; definitley going again next year!! 

Here's what we got that day: 

Original small figurines

Awesome pillow!! ♥♥♥ ** 

And my free book and manga stuff I collected during the day~

Last but not least I edited some pics of myself.
I think I'm getting better little by little...
What do you think? 


My favourite~

Not the best one but ok! 

Anyways, university is stressing me out again atm...
But it's better than last semester!
I like German studies a lot more than social studies...
Well, I hope you enjoyed this ultra long post! 

Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2012

October Inspo! & Poll

Hey gals~
Yey, me is blog-spaming again!!
This time it's my inspiration-post for the month of October!

Because it's getting cold again and I won't have so much freetime anymore - university will start again next week - I was looking for new inspiring styles which I can wear on a daily basis.
You know, that's a bit difficult if you're only into d.i.a. and stuff.

So lately I came to like the 'Ane' style a lot more.
With brands like GARULA it's a lot more adult-like but still sexy; but because there's also the option of dressing more Ora Ora for Ane, it has a great variety and best of all - tanning is like non-existent in this style! Yessshh!

My autumn colours are definetly beige, grey and a light jeans-blue tone.
For the Ora part it's still lots of black and leopard or zebra print.

Here's my Ane-inspo:

Especially loving the left one here!

I love Yumachi so much, because she just wears everything she wants to,
and it looks just damn great on her! 

And here's the Ora part!

Need such a cap...

Hozunyam's such a beauty! >///<
Although she's a little bit to skinny for my likings...

I also orderd a belt, a dress and a top from dreamV today!
I hope it arrives soon I want to have this stuff for so long now.. kiyaaah. |3
And when my birthday arrives next month I'll order a lot mooaaarr~ 

Furthermore there's something I'd like to have your opinion about!
It's: What should I post more often on my blog? 
So I made a poll! Please vote and participate so I can make my blog more interesting for everyone!!
You can also leave your opinion here as a comment! Thank you! 

Ps. It's official now that by next month Aiji and me will have a new flat!!! Sooo happy!!
On friday it'll be deciced which one out of two we'll get~ 
Life will become a lot better from now on!