Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

DreamV stuff arrived!!

Hey gals,

I saved some money and ordered at DreamV for the first time in the beginning of the month.
Using Rakuten was easier than I thought, haha.
Although the shipping fees are really.. expensive, it's worth it. Definitley.

It took like 2 weeks for the package to arrive.. although it should only be 3 to 5 days.
But whatever, it's here now!

I orderd a belt, an one-piece and a top.
But the package was really small:

The inside! All wrapped in plastic~ 

Top, OP and belt!

I had to pay costum fees - 18 euro. Gnaaahh. 
But it was delivered to my door so I didn't have to go to the costums office gladly. 

Yesterday I took some try-on pics with Aiji's wig on and now lashes or anything, I was really exhausted but I needed some pics. 

Mipochi-like top *__* and belt 

Belt close-up!
I'm actually surprised that it really fits me. 

I love the design~
And the quality is also quite good eventhough it's half the price of a d.i.a. belt. 
(d.i.a. is real leather though) 

Lace detail~ 

Sorry for my face. lol 

Great collar design! ♥ 

I love the stuff and will order there again for sure!
Next is another belt, haha~ 

Here a pic of curious Muffin with my stuff (he's so persistant!) : 

Bye bye, 


  1. woha ...nice things...
    der gürtel passt voll zu dir <3

  2. Tolle Sachen ♥
    Sieht alles echt schick aus und steht dir super. :D
    Ich wollte auch schon paar mal bestellen, aber ich trau mich nicht. XD

    LG :D

  3. I love the buys and the outfits you made with them *-*

  4. Really, really nice stuff and it looks so good on you. ♥

  5. ich hatte letzens auch so ein tolles strickoberteil gesehn, allg. sehr viele klamotten die oraoralike sind <3 <3 <3 steht dir wirklich toll