Sonntag, 20. November 2011

Small Gal Meet-Up in Dortmund! :3

Yesterday was a really, really nice day with friends since a long time now.
Ari and Aiko (who I know from university) decided to host a small gyaru meeting and asked me to come too :3
So, Aiji and me went to Dortmund and met with them and also Shinpei, Usagi and Rito. ^^
Our "hosts" were a little late, but we didn't care, since we had delay anyways.. XD;

First we "tried" to take a little walk at the christmas market but... it was too damn hot for such a thing!
It was so sunny and warm there wasn't any christmas-feeling. Dx
So we decided to go to the new big shopping mall "Thier-Galerie" and drank some bubble tea there ^^
Also we went window shopping a bit and I actually bought my new coat there!

So here are a few pics from yesterday ♥

Shinpei and Aiko ♥

Cute Jiji and meee x3'

Our group with Ri-chan...

...and with Aiji. |3

Nice shot by

Ari :3'

Our bags.. leoprint much..? xDD

My "sister" Usagi and me ♥

Lovely Aiji and me again ^-^

I hope we can repeat such a wonderful day soon! 

Very busy Maya!

Oh, I'm so sorry gals and boys that I haven't posted for so long again. D:
But uni and everyday life takes so much time and I'm rarely up for anything else at the moment.. .__.
(You wouldn't want to see how fugly I go to university most of the time.. >_>)
But now off to the news!

On november 3rd I turned 20.
We hadn't much of a party..sadly.. we wanted to celebrate at the last Visual Culture-party but.. well nobody even remembered our (Aiji's and my) birthdays... lol

But! I got my second tattoo! Finally! ♥
It's...LM.C's "Ghost Heart" logo! *w*

That's it the evening right after I got it done! 

And that's it today~ :3
The turquoise is still lacking.. but I don't know when I want to go through that pain again. LOL

Besides that nothing really happend, except for us having a small Gal-meet up yesterday in Dortmund, of which I'll make a photo post later today.
But I got a new coat for winter at Telly Weijl! *Q* It's the most awesome coat I ever had!
And... surprisingly.. it's not black. XD

Baby always wants to be an internet-star.. lol

It reminds me kind of a simple MA*RS style.. what do you think? ^3^

And two days ago I also bought a new bag for uni..because my old one was more than broken...ehm. 
And that's it: 

I love it soooo much!! ♥

Oh..and I nearly forgot the scarf... I needed one because I only had a light pink one.. XD

So that was everything this month... XD;
Next is the gal-meeting post~

Mittwoch, 2. November 2011

Very first Rokku☆Star Meet-Up October!

Well, as you all know, our first circle meeting was on Saturday!
I was so damn excited.
And eventhough Melli and Shinpei couldn't come we had lots of fun. :3~
We went to take purikura and photos and I felt a great connection in our group. It's so awesome to go out with so many gyaru(o)s who are just like you. ^^

At first we got some bubble tea before we took puris, which I'll scan later.

I was Indian! lol 

Akai, who come with Vanni, took photos of us in front of the OCS. :3

I look fat |D;

Pimp-Ryouga! 8D

Me with Vanni ^^

Me with Usagi~ we look like sisters, nee? >D

Mi-chan and me ^3^

Ryouga and me :3~

And unhappy me with the styling for that day~ 

Later we celebrated Aiji's birthday at home so I had to leave early ^^

Also check out our circle blog!! ^__^

And like our facebook page!! :3 

Kinda boring Halloween.

Hey gals! ^3^

My long weekend is finally over and it's back to uni-time, gaaaah.
Halloween on monday was, as the title already says, kinda boring. lol
Me, Shinpei, Aiji and Sammy dressed up a bit and went to Düsseldorf. (Slowly I'm hating this city XD; )
We went to eat onigiri and waited for Susa.
I've met her the first time and she is sooooo nice and cute! >3
We couldn't stay long because we wanted to eat okonomiyaki in Oberbilk.

It was delicious as always!!

Sammy's soba which we had to eat because she didn't like it. ^^; 

my ebi-tama! *w* 

The cook is always soooo nice... I just thanked him in simple Japanese and he suddenly asked if I could speak Japanese (in Japanese) when I answered "chottooo" he suddenly talked really much and fast XDD;
But I kinda understood him ^^ lol 
He told me they had a wallpaper with the ancient Osaka on it and you can write your name on a paper and put it on there, so you have your own house in Osaka! awwwww. XD
So here it is: 

My name in katakana. >D

And the whole wallpaper ^^ 

So I wore a kinda abridged Rin-cosplay... lol
And there are no good photos of me, only these:

SEKKUSHI bedroom-face! 

My bag and nails do really match my outfit, ne? XDD

But I love the collar *w* 

And this is how the others looked like: 

Aiji *__* ♥

Shinpei x3 Red hair looks soo good on her!

..and Sammy. XD

So, next up is the post about the circle meeting! :3