Mittwoch, 2. November 2011

Kinda boring Halloween.

Hey gals! ^3^

My long weekend is finally over and it's back to uni-time, gaaaah.
Halloween on monday was, as the title already says, kinda boring. lol
Me, Shinpei, Aiji and Sammy dressed up a bit and went to Düsseldorf. (Slowly I'm hating this city XD; )
We went to eat onigiri and waited for Susa.
I've met her the first time and she is sooooo nice and cute! >3
We couldn't stay long because we wanted to eat okonomiyaki in Oberbilk.

It was delicious as always!!

Sammy's soba which we had to eat because she didn't like it. ^^; 

my ebi-tama! *w* 

The cook is always soooo nice... I just thanked him in simple Japanese and he suddenly asked if I could speak Japanese (in Japanese) when I answered "chottooo" he suddenly talked really much and fast XDD;
But I kinda understood him ^^ lol 
He told me they had a wallpaper with the ancient Osaka on it and you can write your name on a paper and put it on there, so you have your own house in Osaka! awwwww. XD
So here it is: 

My name in katakana. >D

And the whole wallpaper ^^ 

So I wore a kinda abridged Rin-cosplay... lol
And there are no good photos of me, only these:

SEKKUSHI bedroom-face! 

My bag and nails do really match my outfit, ne? XDD

But I love the collar *w* 

And this is how the others looked like: 

Aiji *__* ♥

Shinpei x3 Red hair looks soo good on her!

..and Sammy. XD

So, next up is the post about the circle meeting! :3