Sonntag, 20. November 2011

Small Gal Meet-Up in Dortmund! :3

Yesterday was a really, really nice day with friends since a long time now.
Ari and Aiko (who I know from university) decided to host a small gyaru meeting and asked me to come too :3
So, Aiji and me went to Dortmund and met with them and also Shinpei, Usagi and Rito. ^^
Our "hosts" were a little late, but we didn't care, since we had delay anyways.. XD;

First we "tried" to take a little walk at the christmas market but... it was too damn hot for such a thing!
It was so sunny and warm there wasn't any christmas-feeling. Dx
So we decided to go to the new big shopping mall "Thier-Galerie" and drank some bubble tea there ^^
Also we went window shopping a bit and I actually bought my new coat there!

So here are a few pics from yesterday ♥

Shinpei and Aiko ♥

Cute Jiji and meee x3'

Our group with Ri-chan...

...and with Aiji. |3

Nice shot by

Ari :3'

Our bags.. leoprint much..? xDD

My "sister" Usagi and me ♥

Lovely Aiji and me again ^-^

I hope we can repeat such a wonderful day soon!