Sonntag, 20. November 2011

Very busy Maya!

Oh, I'm so sorry gals and boys that I haven't posted for so long again. D:
But uni and everyday life takes so much time and I'm rarely up for anything else at the moment.. .__.
(You wouldn't want to see how fugly I go to university most of the time.. >_>)
But now off to the news!

On november 3rd I turned 20.
We hadn't much of a party..sadly.. we wanted to celebrate at the last Visual Culture-party but.. well nobody even remembered our (Aiji's and my) birthdays... lol

But! I got my second tattoo! Finally! ♥
It's...LM.C's "Ghost Heart" logo! *w*

That's it the evening right after I got it done! 

And that's it today~ :3
The turquoise is still lacking.. but I don't know when I want to go through that pain again. LOL

Besides that nothing really happend, except for us having a small Gal-meet up yesterday in Dortmund, of which I'll make a photo post later today.
But I got a new coat for winter at Telly Weijl! *Q* It's the most awesome coat I ever had!
And... surprisingly.. it's not black. XD

Baby always wants to be an internet-star.. lol

It reminds me kind of a simple MA*RS style.. what do you think? ^3^

And two days ago I also bought a new bag for uni..because my old one was more than broken...ehm. 
And that's it: 

I love it soooo much!! ♥

Oh..and I nearly forgot the scarf... I needed one because I only had a light pink one.. XD

So that was everything this month... XD;
Next is the gal-meeting post~


  1. Alles Gute nachträglich :D
    Wuaaah das Tattoo gefällt mir super gut! Sieht wirklich toll aus, vor allem der Farbübergang! Normalerweise gefallen mir bunte Tattoos nicht so gut, aber bei deinem passt das echt super, auch die Stelle ^___^v

    Und die Jacke ist wirklich sehr hübsch :D In schwarz mit silber statt beige/gold würd ich die selbst auch glatt tragen ^_^

  2. Dankeee :'D
    Hehe, das freut mich, dass es doch auch anderen gefällt.. ^x^