Mittwoch, 2. November 2011

Very first Rokku☆Star Meet-Up October!

Well, as you all know, our first circle meeting was on Saturday!
I was so damn excited.
And eventhough Melli and Shinpei couldn't come we had lots of fun. :3~
We went to take purikura and photos and I felt a great connection in our group. It's so awesome to go out with so many gyaru(o)s who are just like you. ^^

At first we got some bubble tea before we took puris, which I'll scan later.

I was Indian! lol 

Akai, who come with Vanni, took photos of us in front of the OCS. :3

I look fat |D;

Pimp-Ryouga! 8D

Me with Vanni ^^

Me with Usagi~ we look like sisters, nee? >D

Mi-chan and me ^3^

Ryouga and me :3~

And unhappy me with the styling for that day~ 

Later we celebrated Aiji's birthday at home so I had to leave early ^^

Also check out our circle blog!! ^__^

And like our facebook page!! :3 

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