Dienstag, 27. März 2012

Soon: Sponsored Review of Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Lenses!

Hey again gals!

So it finally got real: Soon I'm gonna do a sponsored circle lense review for MapleLens
They are really friendly and fast. ♥
And I'm so excited about my new lenses!

This is what I orderd:
Princess Mimi Sesame Grey (out of the Tsubasa Masuwaka collection)! 

Does anyone of you have some experiences with the Princess Mimi series or even this type?
I'd be very interested to hear~ :3
Also, because wearing circle lenses for more than an hour is always tiring for my eyes because they are very dry (even with some eye drops). 

Shooting with Christina [Preview] & My weekend in photos

Hey gals!

Sorry for only updating once a week, haha. ^^;
Last thursday Aiji and me met up with Christina we know from "German Gal Lovers" forum, she as a young photographer and I like her work very much! :3 (Check it out here and here!)
So because she wanted to try something different we met in Essen at "Zeche Zollverein", an old coke oven.

It was such a hot day, even though it's only march! Aaaah. °A°; 
But it was lots of fun ^^ And it was a good training for my facial expressions on photos.. XD;
Some 'off shot' pics! 

...Well, I can't wait for the final pics! Really excited!
Christina said, they should be ready about next thursday.. 

On friday I went to Dortmund again and came back with Shinpei.
And I felt in an extrem LM.C mood on that day! °^° 

Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of my whole outfit... D:
But it was basically my Teamer shirt, Let me' crazy jeans, chemical king-twoon boots and twin tails. >D 

On Saturday we went to Düsseldorf, I got my tattoo finished!
Oh my god... I thought I was going to die!
It was another 3 hours procedure and Oro re-inked every little bit!
Gooosh it hurt.. but now it seems like it's finally ready. 

Still really swollen and with lots of cream on it right after we were done!
So it looks a little strange and the angle is also weird, because it's one the inner side of my upper arm. XD; 

And well, now is the last week of my holidays before university starts again!
I'm working on some social studies sheets now.. so bye bye for now. x3 

Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

Gal-Meet in Oberhausen!

Hey gals!

Finally I'm able to write about our (rather small) gal-meet on saturday in Oberhausen, at the "CentrO".
Aiji sat up the event and invited every gyaru around NRW (or even further) who'd like to come..
But because it was a little spontaneous and it was also LBM time (we couldn't go.. again uû) only a few people came - exactly two, despite Shinpei, Aiji and me, haha!
But Martina and Jessica are very nice girls, so it was much fun even with just a few people..

We met up at 1 PM and waited for half an hour..
Then we decided to go through the CentrO, just a little window shopping at first..
When we got tired and bored we went outside.. to watch ducks xDD. It was really funny 'cos Aiji tried to pet some goose all the time..

Later - until that point we had only been 4 people - we caught Martina finally and it was even more fun!
We took some photos then.

Martina, Shinpei, me and Jessica (from left to right)

Aiji didn't want to be on the picture.. D: 

Martina (I don't know if she has a blog.. ^^; ) 
- Looking quite sexy here! xDD

..My new hair!
I dyed the lower half of my extensions brown! :3' 

"Are you Centro?" xD

And so, this was my outfit for that day ^^
Jacket: Tally Weijl
Boots: Tally Weijl
Jeans: Tobakko
Belt: Selfmaade! 

I'm so proud of my d.i.a inspired selfmade belt!! >3<
What do you think??

I had to paint all the chains in gold, haha..

M for Maya! :'D 

It was such a nice day! ♥
I hope next time there will be even more gals! I'm looking forward to it!
Check also out the blogs of the other gals! :3 

Montag, 19. März 2012

2 Years Anniversary ♥ & LM.C-Tickets

Hey gals! :3

Now that the weekend is over, I'll finally make two new posts about what happened recently!
On thursday Aiji and me celebrated our 2 years anniversary!! ♥♥
We're a couple for such a long time now... before that we've been best friends for more than two years, yeah, that's how life goes, haha...
I can't express my happyness, still, and I want it to last much longer...
And hopefully we'll be marrying sooner or later finally. Hehe.. But because it's supposed to be a real two-brides dream wedding we have to save up a lot of moneey~

I love my dear so much. ♥

Here are some pics: 

Make up for the day.

And a Ma*rs outfit!

And flowers. :3

We drank some bubble tea before we went to the haven,
a new store with a special offer! ^^

Aiji's was taro cocconut and mine was kiwi yoghurt.

The haven at night! *O*

And a photo of us! x3 ♥

The day after I went to visit my mum and see - my LM.C tickets arrived!! *_* Finally!
I soo caaan't wait for the tour!
It'll be the 3rd, 4th and 5th time I'll see them this year, haha..

The tickets look soo awesome!
Bochum, Munich and Berlin.

And a beautiful sunset when I drove home..

Montag, 12. März 2012

A Birthday-Party Outfit // Strong Pop

Hey gals!

The weekend is already over, uh uh..
But I don't care I still got holidays, haha.
On saturday Aiji's mum held a birthday party and today I want to show you my outfit for it!

Uuuh the quality is so crappy.. sorry. 

Top: random japanese offbrand (bought from Rii)
Skirt: "Glamour" store in Dortmund
Overkneeboots: TallyWeijl
Necklace: claire's

Sexy derpface. 'Cos Aiji said all I do on photos is derping atm.

I loved my hair so much that day! **
But in real it was much more voluminous. 

But... why do I always look cute?! xD;
That's not my intention as a gal... I wanna be wild and stuff! 

Also, today LM.C announced the tracklist for the upcoming album "Strong Pop"!! *__*
And the CD cover as well. I'm so excited! 

01. Be STRONG, Be POP.
02. Ah Hah!
05. MY BOY
06. Goak-On-SOUL
07. We are LM.C!! ~The Anthem of Strong Pop~
08. GAME of LIFE
09. COMBATmode
10. peekaboo
11. 星の在処。-ホシノアリカ-
12. 何も始まらなかった一日の終わりに。
13. LET ME’ CRAZY!! 

All of the titles sound so exciting! I still need to order Type B... But I need mooneeey.
It's so expensive!
..When I saw the track called "My Boy"... OMG! What will it be about?!
"My Girl" is about the girl maya meets at a party, gets drunk with her.. and well, yeah, you know.
But what about this title now? xD We will see..
Can't wait for the album.
Can't wait for the tour.
Can't wait for the Budokan DVD. 

Donnerstag, 8. März 2012

Cold & wet day meets some d.i.a.-like style

Hey gals! ^^

So today we didn't do much but dressing up a little bit (with some new and old things) and went onto our garage yard to take some photos...
And I think they went out quite nice x3

I like the kind of hairstyle I wore very much, but I have to improve it definitly!

Jacket: Tally Weijl
Necklace silver: groucho
Necklace cross: claire's
Dress: Primark
Belt: Ma*rs
Shoes: Koi Couture 

Today was one of the few times where I liked my.. more round-shaped behind (xD). lol

Eye make with silver glitter!

I'm in party-mood right now.. can't wait for the next Kabuki but it's still so far away...! Awwn. 
But well, tomorrow is Aiji's mum's birthday and on saturday Velvet meet up, as it seems.