Dienstag, 6. März 2012

[Convention] Domo Arigatou #2

Hey gals!

Finally I'm able to post again..haha.
So now, onto my weekend:

On friday I caught Shinpei in Dortmund and we drove to Duisburg, after I'd visited my parents.
We could take an IC (fast train) "for free"! *O* That was a great luxury. xD
In the evening we just chated and then went to bed.

On saturday there was  a very small convention in Essen, called "Domo Arigatou" (still lol wutf..).
We were invited by a befriended photographer, so I said to him that we would come.
It took place in the "Unperfekthaus", a great building where there are many artists with their ateliers, and a cafe, lounge rooms, a roof terrace, a photo studio and so on...
It was quite nice, a bit quiet though, because they were only about 40 people.
But we took some photos!

At first I wanted to wear my Pikachu cosplay, because Shinpei wore her Slowpoke cosplay for the first time..But I felt so..unwell so I changed .__. I tried on one of my lolita dresses... but didn't want that either. uû So I ended up in a fake Kuu "cosplay".. lol
I felt quite okay with this.
This is what I looked like:

..And there's also a photo another photogapher, Christian, took..
But my arms look quite... fat Dx

(And I also had taken my lenses out at that time ><) 

As I already said, Shinpei went as Slowpoke! lol >3 

Totally selfmade, so cool! >3<

Christian taking a photo of her ^^

Because I didn't wear my Pikachu cosplay.. Sammy put it on!

She also won a special cuteness-price cos she couldn't participate at the real cosplay competition! 

..And then, there was Aiji.. Aiji, as always (xP), didn't want to dress up properly at first..
But when I changed clothes again and again I changed her mind and she put on one of my dresses!
And it is soooo adorable! *__*

Now she will be definitly going to lolita meet ups with me! x3 haha.

And some random pics of the day.

That's it about the weekend. 
Now I'll post something about shopping with my mom! *^* 


  1. Ihr seht alle toll aus! :3
    Ich hätte auch gern Freundinnen die mir ihre Klamotten borgen o.o Und dann auch noch so tolle Klamotten XDDD

  2. Meep, you look so cute in cosplay! And your arms do not look fat. (´^ω^`)

  3. Quite nice photos.
    I love the Pokemon cosplays you did.
    I think you would have looked great in them too. :D

    And... I can't do anything about it... but every time I saw you in your Kuu cosplay I have to think of Takeru because of 'Pink Masquerade'... (haha) <3