Donnerstag, 1. März 2012

Short hair // Shibuya Cantabile // Nails // Q&A?!

Hey gals!

There's much to post about today! :3
Yesterday we went to the city for some bubble tea and to get something for my guinea pigs ^^
I also used that chance to try styling my own, shorter hair again. And I have to admit, I liked it.
I still like long hair more...but it was okay!
Here are some photos:

Eye make-up. °^°

Cool-japanese-style-public-bathroom-photo xDD

Aiji and me at a shopping mall.

yeah, front and back. >D 

Blueberry tea! Awww, I love blueberry..! lol

And the claire's finally opened!! *__* ♥
I need some new bellybutton piercings when I have money! 

I also re-newed my gel nails with my new set from Emmi Nail! 
Maybe I'll write a review about this awesome set...
I'm not a pro, but this is what came out: 

No decoden at all, just different gold and black colouring.. 

Next week I'll try a different design.^^ 

.. Something which occupies my mind recently is -again- Japan trips and everything..
Sooo many people are going overseas this march and I'm so jealous, eventhough I'm not even back for full 3 months now. ;A; 
And so on the 22nd Ah hah! by LM.C was released and the second track is called "Shibuya Cantabile".
Yeah, as the title says, the song is about maya's view on Shibuya..
And I want to share it with you! :3 

"Laugh so you can sing, old and young, Ding Dong
Selfishly Dreamin’ even more on this best in the world stylish street

Let’s start staving off boredom above neon coloured music score
When I pass through a ticket gate; unreality, The wonderland 
Red signal, rule and morals, but there’s no schedule I have to stick to
If I drink up Frappucino Venti I’m in high spirits

In “unamusing world”* I set up musical notes gorgeously
If I only breathe a sigh let’s play a melody by the same lips

Laugh so you can sing, old and young, Ding Dong
It’s good to be irresponsible to that extent, isn’t it? Daringly, sloppily
I turned around and discovered the very picture of rainbow
Selfishly Dreamin’ even more on this best in the world stylish street

I keep passing sideways him who has an owner
Crying out love on the top of Tower Records, I wonder, will it reach someone?
The kind of troubles that won’t leave you, increase to the extent of being ridiculous, but
It is not that “Not strong=weak”

Living and dying don’t have the likes of meaning there
I play a melody, because I want to dream a little more, just a bit more

Walk so you can sing, bumpy road of One Way
It’s good being innocent like that, isn’t it? Awesomely, exaggeratingly
I lied down and looked up enfolding the moonlight
Even if the morning comes on this always Swingin’, open every day and never sleeping street

In “unamusing world” I set up musical notes gorgeously
If I only breathe a sigh let’s play a melody by the same lips

Live so you can sing, old and young, Ding Dong
It’s good to be reckless to that extent, isn’t it? Daringly, exaggeratingly
Before my eyes countless futures spread out
Eternal, extreme Dreamer, on this best in the world stylish street" 

Please listen to it! ^o^ ♥ 
(Can't post a youtube link, because Pony Canyon Inc. already removed everything. As always.) 
It sure lets you dream about that beautiful city and this even more beautiful part of it.. 

Next thing is, I'd somehow like to do an Q & A with your questions!!
Many of my readers have interesting questions sometimes and maybe it would be cool to do a Q&A with all of your questions. :3 Just ask me anything! xD
I'm happy about any question! 
Please post them here:
(I won't answer them on formspring but here.)
You can also ask anonymously! (But please be aware that I'll ignore stupid or insulting things.)
Please ask anything until the 7th of March!! ^__^  I'm excited about your questions! 

Last but not least:
I also rearranged my tumblr! x3 Posting and reblogging everything I find interesting or inspiring. 
Please be sure to follow me there! ♥ 


  1. Das make up ist GENIAL *__*
    und die kurzen haare find ich total süß ;333

  2. Siehst total klasser aus, da passt wirklich alles: Make-Up,Haare,Klamotten :)
    Und ich find die kurzen Haare suuuper!! <3

  3. dein make up ist so toll *.*
    ich mag deine kurzen haare ein bissel lieber xD erinnert mich an kanako aber die langen sehen auch gut aus

  4. First of all: Your hair and make up looked amazing *^*

    .... and - tada!
    I forgot what I wanted to say.
    *needs to open the blog post again*
    gnaaah. brain's like whipped cream.

    ... The song is beautiful. I really like the lyrics. And I understand you wanting back to Japan.
    I never was there... and still I feel like I'd know how it must feel... It's like Japan is calling for you. :0

    I hope you can go there soon again ;)

  5. I love your gal styling.
    by the way .... you know also blogger-gals from leipzig?

  6. Wow! I love your style! Very rock and gorgeous <3