Montag, 19. März 2012

2 Years Anniversary ♥ & LM.C-Tickets

Hey gals! :3

Now that the weekend is over, I'll finally make two new posts about what happened recently!
On thursday Aiji and me celebrated our 2 years anniversary!! ♥♥
We're a couple for such a long time now... before that we've been best friends for more than two years, yeah, that's how life goes, haha...
I can't express my happyness, still, and I want it to last much longer...
And hopefully we'll be marrying sooner or later finally. Hehe.. But because it's supposed to be a real two-brides dream wedding we have to save up a lot of moneey~

I love my dear so much. ♥

Here are some pics: 

Make up for the day.

And a Ma*rs outfit!

And flowers. :3

We drank some bubble tea before we went to the haven,
a new store with a special offer! ^^

Aiji's was taro cocconut and mine was kiwi yoghurt.

The haven at night! *O*

And a photo of us! x3 ♥

The day after I went to visit my mum and see - my LM.C tickets arrived!! *_* Finally!
I soo caaan't wait for the tour!
It'll be the 3rd, 4th and 5th time I'll see them this year, haha..

The tickets look soo awesome!
Bochum, Munich and Berlin.

And a beautiful sunset when I drove home..


  1. Just can say again how much I share your happiness.
    You two are such a nice couple.
    Actually one of THE couples I know. ♥
    Somehow I'm kinda envying you too... (sobsob)
    But the happiness and the best wishes I have for you two are bigger :)

    The haven looks so nice at night.
    We don't even have a train station in the small village I'm living in by now. xx

  2. Congratz about the anniversary ^ ^
    You're looking so cute ^ ^

    LM.C has visited Thailand once and I got to see them for free,yet they're not performing anything just coming here to promote something XD