Dienstag, 27. März 2012

Shooting with Christina [Preview] & My weekend in photos

Hey gals!

Sorry for only updating once a week, haha. ^^;
Last thursday Aiji and me met up with Christina we know from "German Gal Lovers" forum, she as a young photographer and I like her work very much! :3 (Check it out here and here!)
So because she wanted to try something different we met in Essen at "Zeche Zollverein", an old coke oven.

It was such a hot day, even though it's only march! Aaaah. °A°; 
But it was lots of fun ^^ And it was a good training for my facial expressions on photos.. XD;
Some 'off shot' pics! 

...Well, I can't wait for the final pics! Really excited!
Christina said, they should be ready about next thursday.. 

On friday I went to Dortmund again and came back with Shinpei.
And I felt in an extrem LM.C mood on that day! °^° 

Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of my whole outfit... D:
But it was basically my Teamer shirt, Let me' crazy jeans, chemical king-twoon boots and twin tails. >D 

On Saturday we went to Düsseldorf, I got my tattoo finished!
Oh my god... I thought I was going to die!
It was another 3 hours procedure and Oro re-inked every little bit!
Gooosh it hurt.. but now it seems like it's finally ready. 

Still really swollen and with lots of cream on it right after we were done!
So it looks a little strange and the angle is also weird, because it's one the inner side of my upper arm. XD; 

And well, now is the last week of my holidays before university starts again!
I'm working on some social studies sheets now.. so bye bye for now. x3 


  1. bin gespannt auf die bilder :3
    welche bottom lashes hast du eigentlcih bei den letzten beiden bildern benutzt? die sehen toll aus ;;

    1. Die sind aus'm 100Yen Shop... XD;
      Ich war echt erstaunt, dass es da so gute gibt! **

    2. ah danke x3
      dann halt ich da einfach mal ausschau xD

  2. The photoshoot's so cool!!
    I like your makeup also ^ ^

  3. Ich bin auch schon gespannt auf die fertigen Fotos!^^

  4. Oh, ich bin gespannt auf die Fotos!

    Dein tattoo sieht wirklich toll aus - der Farbverlauf ist so schön geworden *__*
    Und dein Styling auf den unteren Bildern.... <3 *____* Einfach toll!

  5. Ich mag das Bild wo du die Brille halb herunter hältst ^-^Allgemein gefällt mir dein Style ;)