Montag, 12. März 2012

A Birthday-Party Outfit // Strong Pop

Hey gals!

The weekend is already over, uh uh..
But I don't care I still got holidays, haha.
On saturday Aiji's mum held a birthday party and today I want to show you my outfit for it!

Uuuh the quality is so crappy.. sorry. 

Top: random japanese offbrand (bought from Rii)
Skirt: "Glamour" store in Dortmund
Overkneeboots: TallyWeijl
Necklace: claire's

Sexy derpface. 'Cos Aiji said all I do on photos is derping atm.

I loved my hair so much that day! **
But in real it was much more voluminous. 

But... why do I always look cute?! xD;
That's not my intention as a gal... I wanna be wild and stuff! 

Also, today LM.C announced the tracklist for the upcoming album "Strong Pop"!! *__*
And the CD cover as well. I'm so excited! 

01. Be STRONG, Be POP.
02. Ah Hah!
05. MY BOY
06. Goak-On-SOUL
07. We are LM.C!! ~The Anthem of Strong Pop~
08. GAME of LIFE
09. COMBATmode
10. peekaboo
11. 星の在処。-ホシノアリカ-
12. 何も始まらなかった一日の終わりに。
13. LET ME’ CRAZY!! 

All of the titles sound so exciting! I still need to order Type B... But I need mooneeey.
It's so expensive!
..When I saw the track called "My Boy"... OMG! What will it be about?!
"My Girl" is about the girl maya meets at a party, gets drunk with her.. and well, yeah, you know.
But what about this title now? xD We will see..
Can't wait for the album.
Can't wait for the tour.
Can't wait for the Budokan DVD. 


  1. You looked so nice. Your hair doesn't looked very different than otherwise but... unfortunately.
    It really must have been super duper voluminous in real :D
    But every time I see your gorgeous hair it reminds me of the fact that my hair still looks kinda boring and stuff ):

    ... I had strange thoughts crossing my mind too, when I read the track list just now... "My boy"... eeeh.
    I'm already thrilled. xD

  2. Your outfits is pretty pretty!!
    Your blog looks cute also,+1 follower.

    If it's ok pls come visit my blog sometimes ^ ^

  3. Nice pictures, pretty outfit! And I really like your hair!

  4. waaaa i'm in love about you're hair! especially the fringe. How did you do?

    1. Thaaank yoou ♥
      I just curl it sideways with my hair straightner, nothing more. :3