Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2013

Recently: Year in Japan, Fashion Walk, Dojaku, new Hair

So it took me a whole lot of time again for a new post...
But life was really busy or I was really lazy - anyways, since my motivation seems to be back, here are some recent updates and pictures again!

First I want to talk about my year abroad in 2014. 
Finally we got told which university we'll attend while in Japan and mine is: Dokkyo University in Soka, Saitama! 
That's pretty great because it's close to Tokyo, the apartments we'll be staying at seem nice and I'm going with a friend of mine! So I'm not that afraid of being all on my own anymore. (I'm a really angsty person, haha.) 
Now all I got to do is save money, study hard and pass all of the upcoming exams... 
I'm so thankful for this chance because of the past few years I know these are chances life doesn't simply throw at you... 

(Next to my birthday) the biggest event in November really was the first german Harajuku Fashion Walk in Düsseldorf organized by the Deco Rangers.
About 80 people in all kinds of Japanese street styles attended the event and it was more than fun! We walked through the city of Düsseldorf and everyone watching was surprised and mostly happy and fascinated by our outfits and the cheerful atmosphere. That was really the best experience with strangers I had wearing Japanese fashion! 

I wore a mori kei-dansou outfit on that day and it felt nice, cozy and warm luckily! 
Lately I really enjoy trying new things again - which kind of.. reliefs me a lot.. Not being stuck with one fashion.

I looked kind of.. thick because of all the layers but I had to find something fitting in my wardrobe and I wa surprised I actually own stuff which suits to mori kei. 

Vicky and me. ♥

Beki, Shinpei and me. ♥

Shinpei, me and Aiji. ♥

As I said, it was an awesome experience and I can't wait for the next one in April! 
If you got time I recommend you to attend as well!! Hope to see you there. 

Because my everyday life is boring as fuck and I don't dress up there's nothing to show or tell you.. haha.
But after my birthday we ordered a lot from Taobao (we means Pei, Aiji and me). Doll stuff, clothes and wigs. Here is my clothes haul: 

I just looove everything! ♥♥
And because using Taobao is cheaper than anywhere else, I could also safe some money for my new doll...

The next event was the 41st Dojaku convention in Dortmund last weekend. 
Usually we didn't go to these cons anymore.. but at Connichi in September we got to know many nice Shingeki no Kyojin-people who we wanted to meet again..
And I could also finally wear my second SNK cosplay: Petra Ral. Which is my first female cosplay since Alice in Wonderland from 2010. 
My OTP at the moment is LevixPetra so I was happy I had Aiji as Levi Heichou with me...! ♥ 

These are really my favourite pictures at the moment! Taken by Rumi and edited by Aiji and me.. 
I felt so nice with this cosplay and I got such overwhelming reactions together with my girlfriend, it was simply stunning.. thank you everyone! ;////; 
So next time and/or maybe also at the "NRW Cosplayball" I'll have my Lolita-survey corps outfit finished, can't wait! 

For people missing my gyaru style and outfits here's a little something from the last Kabuki Rock Style: 

The last topic is my new hair... 
I got so fed up with always being blonde or brown-blonde.. and I didn't really know what to change.. 
First I wanted to have grey/pink in my blonde but since I liked myself with ginger/copper hair so much - we dyed my hair with natural red henna colour yesterday! 
I'm still not used to it but I fell in love...! 

I think I'm getting closer to be content with myself again. I was so fed up and bored with my style that I didn't have any motivation to dress up or something..
But with cool new hair (gonna dye my extensions like that too), new rock-ish clothes and new tattoos coming up I'm closer to be simply myself than ever I guess. :3' 

Last but not least:
Please go and also have a look at my pretty girlfriend's re-opened blog: yasha hime !! ♥
It's no gyaru or whatever blog anymore but she posts interesting things about different styles and cosplay. 


Montag, 28. Oktober 2013

Major life updates: Change of universities, Cosplay, Styles & BJDs [pic heavy]

I know I haven't posted in reaaally long time.. 
But I just hadn't any motivation or time or something to take care of my blog.. Which is what I want to change now. I miss blogging so I decided to start again! 

Well, many things have happened in the past months, the biggest thing is that I decided to change from Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf to University Duisburg-Essen. That's why I am now studying "East Asian Studies" and sociology (♥). Fortunately I'm not in the first semester now but in the third (would have been the fith if I had stayed in Düsseldorf).. But there are maaaany things I have to catch up with. That should be now problem though because I finally am motivated again! 
Studies here seem to be much more fun and there is a goal I have to work for: 

Next year around september I'm going to study in Japan for a year!! 

Finally that will be possible for me - also because it is required to go abroad in my university course now.
I know a lot of hardships will come up with that... 
Most hard and important thing is that I have to leave my beloved fiancee behind.. ;3; But she will be trying her hardest to visit me so we're staying positive!
And it's a once-in-a-lifetime-chance. 

Moreover I only have time to dress up properly in Gyaru for parties or something... Otherwise I'm too exhausted to do anything. 
But looking at pictures from around last year I start to really miss it! I need to get my ass up, haha.. 
Also, wanting to dress in Dansou and Gyaru is nearly the same these days so I need to balance that.. 

But firstly here are some (very lazy) outfit and make-up pictures I missed to post since June:

As you might see, I'm currently in the need of proper lashes...
But I'll get some after my birthday this weekend I guess. Important and stuff.
And most of the time circle lense were to tiring for my eyes.. I hate that, ugh. 
Also I need to use my extensions more often.. haha. 
That's what I've been up to regarding styling the last months. 

Moreover in the middle of september Connichi 2013 took place in Kassel again and I wore two new cosplays I'm pretty proud of!
Those are Eren Jaeger from Shingeki no Kyojin and Sitri from Makai Ouji.

So here's Eren: 

Those are with my amazing girlfriend as Levi. ♥
(I used our shooting pictures because I don't really like my styling from Connichi, the first time I wore it...)
We still need to prepare our 3D Gears...! Can't wait for that. 

And here is Sitri: 

Also with Aiji as William. ♥
I'm happy that I could wear them this year - usually we had planned them for next year's spring season...
But we got ourselves together and prepared them during August! 

The last kind of interesting update is, that my BJD practice head from Doll Family H and my Soom Little Gem Turb arrived!! 
Here are my two babies~ 

My turb called Locien! He's an elf demon, as you can see one of my grail dolls. ♥
I did his face ups (make up) all by myself and am pretty proud of it. :3 
The last two amazing pictures are taken by Aiji.

That's Ray, bassist of a Visual Kei band and a head only on Aiji's body, haha. 
His face up was my very first face up attempt. 
At the moment I'm thinking about opening a face up comission "store" with good prices because I'm still a beginner... 

Well, that's it for the moment. 
From now on I'll try to post frequently again and keep this blog updated with all kinds of stuff! 


Freitag, 14. Juni 2013

男装 - dansou

Hello sweeties~ (。・ω・)ノ゙

Today I'm back with something different.
For a certain time now I wanted to get out my boy-ish side again.. and because I had some time today I finally managed to dress up and take some pics.

I'd been into dansou (females dressing up in all kinds of male Japanese fashion) for a really long time but let it slip because of my love for Gyaru.
Buut I really want to wear it again some more and today was the start..! (*´▽`*)

As much as I despise being "cute" in my girl-styles I like to dress a "cute" way as a boy.. also because I'm not thaat masculine, ahaha.

I also took some pics with Aiji's brown short wig..
But I like blonde (or black) more! 

Well, what do you say? (?´・ω・`)


Freitag, 7. Juni 2013

The story that’s written in the night sky is held in the hands of shooting stars.

Hey everyone! ( ゚▽゚)/コンバンハ

Today I've got something exciting to show you!
Finally my left arm's tattoos are finished! I'm sooo happy! ♥
As you might now I already got two tattoos dedecated to LM.C - and yes I know some people don't understand what a band can mean to you and always tell you you'll regret it later- with things which changed my life up until now for the good.
So yesterday my dear tattoo artist Oro from Tattoostudio Ishi in Düsseldorf finished my arm with a portrait of a night sky and a quote from the song "88":

Which kind of means:

“The story that’s written in the night sky is held in the hands of shooting stars.”
This was always a lyrics quote which had been stuck in my head for years because I think it's simply beautiful. ♥
So here's the result (remember it's still a bit swollen and stuff!) :

Well, I'm more than happy now.
(* ̄ー ̄*)ニヤリッ


Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

June - early summer - inspirations...

Hey everyone!

I guess I'm pretty quick with posting at the moment, haha..
But here's just my inspo for the upcoming month - in which I hope to have the time to dress up more than the last months.. Hopefully it'll be nice, warm and sunny soon here in Germany. ♥ (We have some serious flooding problems in some parts of the country recently because of heavy never ending rain fall...)

I still need new extensions and new lashes very urgently but I hope I'll have the money soon..!
Found some nice things I want.

But here are the pics~

Pretty and elegant lady - and make up.. a bit more classy~

Sakurina is inspiring as always, haha..

A make up I'd like to try. 

Love the hair and make!

Hozunyam is always so inspiring because she's not tanned at all and I love that!

Hozunyam again. ♥

Hair and outfit is such a great inspo!

..and she has the most amazing hair in my eyes!! ♥
Want to obtain these skills so bad!