Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

[Convention] Leipziger Buchmesse 2013 - Saturday

Hey everyone~ ♥

It's been a while again - I'm quite busy with my term paper but that'll be finished soon!
I never thought study works could be that fun, hehe.

So today I'm going to post about the "Leipzig bookfair" 2013.
I tried to attend this convention for.. six years now? And never acutally did it because of different reasons.
But this time it finally came to happen, I was so happy!

On thursday the 14th I cought Shinpei in Dortmund at the train station and together we went to Duisburg.
She stayed overnight and the next day we went to the Erzgebirge in Sachsen near Leipzig by Rumi's car.
Rumi, Shinpei, Aiji, our dog and me seven hours in a car!
Fortunately the weather was cold but wonderful and some nice promotion ladys gave us free Red Bull at one stop! Yeah! :3
(Beki watched over our small pets whilst Muffin was at Aiji's mum.)

So we reached Rumi's home town safely.
I really love the Erzgebirge! It's such a beautiful landscape with tiny wooden houses and stuff. ♥

On that day we only went shopping for food and then finished some tiny things at our cosplays for the next day, went showering and to bed finally.

Btw, this day had been Aiji's and mine 3rd Anniversary!!! *__* ♥♥♥

On saturday we got up very early and started with a nice breakfast and getting dressed afterwards...
It took us.. 3 hours? to get ready finally.
At around twelve we arrived at the convention center in Leipzig finally!

And wow - it was soooo full in there...! Really hot and not really enjoyable. 
So we decided to stay in the glass hal and search for our friends, take pics, etc.. 
That's why I'm just gonna show the pictures now!
(All of these pictures below are made and edited by Aiji.)

Some impressions of that crowded day. 
....As I already wrote here before hand, I cosplayed something no one has ever cosplayed before!
It's an original character from an indipendent japanese Manga-ka called Makuro from the doujin circle ashwing. 
I loved him ever since I first saw him. ♥
His name's Kuu and he is a young very unfortunate demon boy, but very loveable. 
Here's the original (YES now judge me!! XDDD) :

Of course I couldn't be that.. naked. Ehem.
So I moded the outfit a bit to fit my body and I think it worked out quite well.
The painting was horrible.. we had to paint my whole skin brown and I hadn't enough colouring. x_x 
So excuse some stains.
(All of these pictures taken either by Aiji or Rumi and are edited by me.)

With Aiji as Kira, also from Makuro's works. ♥

What do you think?! ^___^
I'm so happy because I could finally manage to do it! Not also because I lost nearly 7kg since the beginning of January and I'm starting to feel more confident with my body again. ♥

It was funny to see who takes pictures of you.. and even two girls recognized my character!
I was really surprised. xD;

Also Rumi and Shinpei were really cute on that day in their Vocaloid cosplays. ♥

We also met Senya and Goof again! x3
They looked so damn gorgeous in their outfits! 

Senya and me - stolen from her. xD ♥

(Btw was it really funny to walk around with my Ma*rs bag all day... 
Everyone who looked like he had some knowledge about gyaru was really.. well, surprised and startled. xDD; )

Nevertheless was I really happy to take a shower in the evening and scrub everything clean again!
Gonna wear it next at the Dokomi though. 

-to be continued-


Dienstag, 19. März 2013

[BJD Unboxing] Doll Family-A Yanji arrived

Hey everyone!

Long time no see. This post will be about my awesome man who arrived this morning!
I already talked about him some posts earlier in my BJD info post.
And finally he made it to his new home. ♥

Although this weekend the convention season started again I'll postpone the posts about the "Leipziger Buchmesse" (Leipzig Bookfair) until later!
Yanji's first ranked. Hehe.

So a few days ago I asked Alice's Collections how long the making process of my doll will be because I already had waited about 30 days.
They told me I will receive him by the end of march... buuuut on saturday I received my tracking number: he was already shipped! I was so happy.
But because we were still at Rumi's he reached my town earlier than us...aaagh.
So I booked a second delivery date one day later, today.
Then it happened... I wasn't messaged that I needed to pay taxes. And I had no money at home this morning. I saw his package right in front of my.. and the DHL guy took him away again. Because I cried he said he could come again one hour later so I could get the money. Ehem.
But I did that and so he was in my hands an hour later! Sooo happy!

Well, onto the pictures of this happy morning!
Masa helped us unboxing. ♥

Masa: Need to open his box!

A black elegant one...?

Oh, the box is beautiful indeed!

The clothes I orderd from Alice's Collections for him.

A nice shiny pillow. Very soft.

No bubblewrap but a mummy still! 

His certificate.

With a stock picture.

Taking of his head wrap...

Aaaand there he is.....! *____*! ♥♥

Sitting straight in the box. 

His beautiful face still without eyes.

Masa: Hey, you? 

Masa: Ooooh, what a good looking man! And such smooth skin...!

Standing straight out of the box!
He's awesomely stringed.

Event hands. I like them more than the default hands. >.<

Masa's biiig wig doesn't suit him, ahahaha.

DF-A sign in the back of his head.

The event PUPU pet.
I wanted one eventhough he's not MSD sized because I didn't want heel feet. LOL

Standing next to Masa - despite the small height difference - he's huuuuge!

Shoes I orderd, hands and PUPU pet.

The random pair of eyes which he came with. 
Changed them to brown ones now. 

Masa: Hey, you look good in your clothes!

...already snuggling on the sofa watching some movies. ♥

They seem to really like each other.

Standing like a cool boy in his awesome clothes.

Default hands.
They're the hugest 63cm hands I've ever seen. 

He's a king at posing! Love it. 

Standing next to 61cm Masa. 

They're so cool together! ♥

I'm soooo in love with him! His official name is Aiji Yan, by the way. 
I never thought resin could be that~ smooth! I could touch him all day, lolol.
His 3rd generation body is such a great sculpt, it looks so real and detailed~ 
I never expected him to be so perfect, honestly. I'm more than happy! 

At the beginning of April Luna will do his face up and maybe his body blushing and tattoo. 
I'll of course order him a new wig - already found the perfect one (but Aiji will make a new one for the time remaining, thank you. ♥) but I need money now that I had to pay taxes. ^^; 

Can't wait for doll meets and everything else!