Montag, 4. März 2013

Kabuki Rock Style March '13

Hey again,

now onto a different post! With outfit and make up and such, haha.
Last saturday the next J-Rock party this year took place, this time in a new club as well. It's called "Altes Kino" and is located in Bottrop.
Although Bottrop is a small town the public access was really good!

First off we went to have lunch with my grandma who had birthday that day and afterwards we went to Primark with Rumi to buy some things we still needed for the evening.
Later on Vanni came to our house and we prepared ourselves for the party!

Here's my look for that night:

Outfit lacking my belt. But with new shorts from Primark.

My face and hair.

Actually I haven't used bottom lashes this time.
Aaaaand - I grew some real eyebrows again.
Here they are only lined with some eyebrow shading.
Is this really better than my only drawn on eyebrows?
I dunno. lol

So we started drinking at our place - except for Vanni, who had to drive home by car later - took some pics and started around ten. 

Drunk edit by Aiji. LOL

The club itself was really nice! One of my university friends, Steffi, already told me about that and I was surprised to find out she was right!
After the horrible experience last time in Essen it was quite a relief...

VanniRumi and me. ♥


Lina and me. ♥♥ 

Nina and me. ♥

Aiji had free entry as she had a 'photographer'-access, which was pretty cool I think!
She took a lot of good photos, those above only being a few~ 

And my usual WC-party-photos! Haha.

Aiji did my hair that day, btw. I loved it!

(I was particulary happy because the new shorts I bought at Primark are a european 38/M size - I never fit into that before! And also the tights are S/M. 
I'm so glad that our healthy eating starts to work for me. ♥)

Well, the party itself was pretty awesome!!
The best I went to in a long time! Great club, great mixed music and the floors weren't overheated or just sick full with people like the last times. 
Drinks were cheap and tasty and we also had a funny experience with the owner of a turkish imbiss right next to the club who gave us some french fries for free because we were starving!

But there had also been a bad accident...
Some of the guys I know slightly got beaten by some club visitor who was there for the House party and not the J-Rock party. And why?
Because he's gay or at least bisexual and wouldn't take verbal harassement and defended himself. 
Ugh, I got so sick hearing that... 
I hope he's well (I know the guy who did it was arrested) and that this won't affect our party in anyway.. 



  1. I love your outfit and I'm happy your healthy eating plans have success. :D
    But the thought of people still getting beaten because of their sexual orientation and/or identity. I don't get it.
    I'll never get it but it makes me sick. Urgh. D;
    I hope this want happen again...

  2. waaa i really love your style *^*
    love love for the outfit ><

  3. Wow das sind echt tolle Bilder und jetzt wo ich die sehe, wäre ich auch gern dabei gewesen ;__; Ich hoffe die verlegen die Party auch mal etwas näher hierher :(
    Du sahst toll aus, die Haare waren echt toll und die Augenbrauen finde ich auch echt hübsch^^ Ich fands vorher auch nicht hässlich aber ich mag persönlich natürliche oder halb-natürliche Augenbrauen immer lieber^^; Würde es an deiner Stelle so lassen :3 aber muss jeder selber entscheiden.
    Echt tolle Bilder und dein Inspration-Post is auch toll, jetzt möchte ich auch so einen machen^^;

  4. Oh du siehst so mega hübsch aus!! ;____; Ich finde die Haare total super!!

  5. What kind of music do they play at those J-Rock parties?~ J-Rock only? Or some other J-Music too?
    It kind of sounds interesting and I bet it's fun dressing up for it. Especially if there is people appreciating your style ... I don't like to be too overdressed during daytime as people just will either make stupid comments or talk to me or try to hit on me or some stupid shit!
    I guess it's almost the same with being gay as it's also a lifestyle (like dressing vk-ish or gyaru, but of course being gay is more deep in general), I feel so ashamed that Germany has so many people who think they constantly need to shove their not so nice opinions in people's faces!!! Stupid German trash, really. No education!