Dienstag, 19. März 2013

[BJD Unboxing] Doll Family-A Yanji arrived

Hey everyone!

Long time no see. This post will be about my awesome man who arrived this morning!
I already talked about him some posts earlier in my BJD info post.
And finally he made it to his new home. ♥

Although this weekend the convention season started again I'll postpone the posts about the "Leipziger Buchmesse" (Leipzig Bookfair) until later!
Yanji's first ranked. Hehe.

So a few days ago I asked Alice's Collections how long the making process of my doll will be because I already had waited about 30 days.
They told me I will receive him by the end of march... buuuut on saturday I received my tracking number: he was already shipped! I was so happy.
But because we were still at Rumi's he reached my town earlier than us...aaagh.
So I booked a second delivery date one day later, today.
Then it happened... I wasn't messaged that I needed to pay taxes. And I had no money at home this morning. I saw his package right in front of my.. and the DHL guy took him away again. Because I cried he said he could come again one hour later so I could get the money. Ehem.
But I did that and so he was in my hands an hour later! Sooo happy!

Well, onto the pictures of this happy morning!
Masa helped us unboxing. ♥

Masa: Need to open his box!

A black elegant one...?

Oh, the box is beautiful indeed!

The clothes I orderd from Alice's Collections for him.

A nice shiny pillow. Very soft.

No bubblewrap but a mummy still! 

His certificate.

With a stock picture.

Taking of his head wrap...

Aaaand there he is.....! *____*! ♥♥

Sitting straight in the box. 

His beautiful face still without eyes.

Masa: Hey, you? 

Masa: Ooooh, what a good looking man! And such smooth skin...!

Standing straight out of the box!
He's awesomely stringed.

Event hands. I like them more than the default hands. >.<

Masa's biiig wig doesn't suit him, ahahaha.

DF-A sign in the back of his head.

The event PUPU pet.
I wanted one eventhough he's not MSD sized because I didn't want heel feet. LOL

Standing next to Masa - despite the small height difference - he's huuuuge!

Shoes I orderd, hands and PUPU pet.

The random pair of eyes which he came with. 
Changed them to brown ones now. 

Masa: Hey, you look good in your clothes!

...already snuggling on the sofa watching some movies. ♥

They seem to really like each other.

Standing like a cool boy in his awesome clothes.

Default hands.
They're the hugest 63cm hands I've ever seen. 

He's a king at posing! Love it. 

Standing next to 61cm Masa. 

They're so cool together! ♥

I'm soooo in love with him! His official name is Aiji Yan, by the way. 
I never thought resin could be that~ smooth! I could touch him all day, lolol.
His 3rd generation body is such a great sculpt, it looks so real and detailed~ 
I never expected him to be so perfect, honestly. I'm more than happy! 

At the beginning of April Luna will do his face up and maybe his body blushing and tattoo. 
I'll of course order him a new wig - already found the perfect one (but Aiji will make a new one for the time remaining, thank you. ♥) but I need money now that I had to pay taxes. ^^; 

Can't wait for doll meets and everything else! 



  1. Wow, das ist so creepy :D
    BJD's finde ich echt unheimlich xD
    Aber ich freue mich für dich!^^

  2. He's gorgeous indeed.
    Can't wait to see him with blushing and tattoo. (*≧▽≦)

  3. Omg hallo du süßer neuer Familienzuwachs!
    Die sehen ja unglaublich toll und irgendwie auch echt aus^^ Finde die total hübsch, ich glaube ich muss aufpassen, das nicht auch für mich zu entdecken, die sind sicher teuer^^;;

  4. Congratz!!! He's awesome! (*_*) <3
    Ich kann es kaum erwarten ihn zu sehen wenn er fertig ist (nach dem Modden und mit Face up).
    Er sieht auch so schon zauberhaft aus! (*_*)
    Beautiful and handsome boy! <3

  5. Wow, ich habe hier drauf gewartet *_* seine Klamotten sind übrigens ziemlich geil!! ;___; er ist echt ne Schönheit <333 Bin sehr gespannt auf sein Face-Up wirklich *-* wird bestimmt gut aussehen!

  6. Ooohh! Ich mag BJDs und überleg schon seit Jahren, ob das nicht ein super Hobby für mich wäre XD
    Und eure beiden sehen echt klasse aus! Waaahhh! Ich will auch! :D