Freitag, 14. Juni 2013

男装 - dansou

Hello sweeties~ (。・ω・)ノ゙

Today I'm back with something different.
For a certain time now I wanted to get out my boy-ish side again.. and because I had some time today I finally managed to dress up and take some pics.

I'd been into dansou (females dressing up in all kinds of male Japanese fashion) for a really long time but let it slip because of my love for Gyaru.
Buut I really want to wear it again some more and today was the start..! (*´▽`*)

As much as I despise being "cute" in my girl-styles I like to dress a "cute" way as a boy.. also because I'm not thaat masculine, ahaha.

I also took some pics with Aiji's brown short wig..
But I like blonde (or black) more! 

Well, what do you say? (?´・ω・`)


Freitag, 7. Juni 2013

The story that’s written in the night sky is held in the hands of shooting stars.

Hey everyone! ( ゚▽゚)/コンバンハ

Today I've got something exciting to show you!
Finally my left arm's tattoos are finished! I'm sooo happy! ♥
As you might now I already got two tattoos dedecated to LM.C - and yes I know some people don't understand what a band can mean to you and always tell you you'll regret it later- with things which changed my life up until now for the good.
So yesterday my dear tattoo artist Oro from Tattoostudio Ishi in Düsseldorf finished my arm with a portrait of a night sky and a quote from the song "88":

Which kind of means:

“The story that’s written in the night sky is held in the hands of shooting stars.”
This was always a lyrics quote which had been stuck in my head for years because I think it's simply beautiful. ♥
So here's the result (remember it's still a bit swollen and stuff!) :

Well, I'm more than happy now.
(* ̄ー ̄*)ニヤリッ


Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

June - early summer - inspirations...

Hey everyone!

I guess I'm pretty quick with posting at the moment, haha..
But here's just my inspo for the upcoming month - in which I hope to have the time to dress up more than the last months.. Hopefully it'll be nice, warm and sunny soon here in Germany. ♥ (We have some serious flooding problems in some parts of the country recently because of heavy never ending rain fall...)

I still need new extensions and new lashes very urgently but I hope I'll have the money soon..!
Found some nice things I want.

But here are the pics~

Pretty and elegant lady - and make up.. a bit more classy~

Sakurina is inspiring as always, haha..

A make up I'd like to try. 

Love the hair and make!

Hozunyam is always so inspiring because she's not tanned at all and I love that!

Hozunyam again. ♥

Hair and outfit is such a great inspo!

..and she has the most amazing hair in my eyes!! ♥
Want to obtain these skills so bad!