Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

Gal-Meet in Oberhausen!

Hey gals!

Finally I'm able to write about our (rather small) gal-meet on saturday in Oberhausen, at the "CentrO".
Aiji sat up the event and invited every gyaru around NRW (or even further) who'd like to come..
But because it was a little spontaneous and it was also LBM time (we couldn't go.. again uû) only a few people came - exactly two, despite Shinpei, Aiji and me, haha!
But Martina and Jessica are very nice girls, so it was much fun even with just a few people..

We met up at 1 PM and waited for half an hour..
Then we decided to go through the CentrO, just a little window shopping at first..
When we got tired and bored we went outside.. to watch ducks xDD. It was really funny 'cos Aiji tried to pet some goose all the time..

Later - until that point we had only been 4 people - we caught Martina finally and it was even more fun!
We took some photos then.

Martina, Shinpei, me and Jessica (from left to right)

Aiji didn't want to be on the picture.. D: 

Martina (I don't know if she has a blog.. ^^; ) 
- Looking quite sexy here! xDD

..My new hair!
I dyed the lower half of my extensions brown! :3' 

"Are you Centro?" xD

And so, this was my outfit for that day ^^
Jacket: Tally Weijl
Boots: Tally Weijl
Jeans: Tobakko
Belt: Selfmaade! 

I'm so proud of my d.i.a inspired selfmade belt!! >3<
What do you think??

I had to paint all the chains in gold, haha..

M for Maya! :'D 

It was such a nice day! ♥
I hope next time there will be even more gals! I'm looking forward to it!
Check also out the blogs of the other gals! :3 


  1. omg I painted my chains gold too when I made mine!! :D It looks really good!! haha good too know I'm not the only one that paint chains gold >.>! I like your outfit :)!! and looks like you girls had a great time :)! <3

  2. der gürtel *o* kommt echt an d.i.a ran. also finde ihn topp geworden. ich muss echt meinen gürtel endlich aufpimpen...

    sei froh das euer treffen so klein war, die lbm war echt überrant aber das ist ja jedes jahr so u_u

    lg tine

  3. Your hair looks cute!!
    All the girls are pretty also,guess you've had a nice time ^ ^

  4. Der Gürtel sieht richtig gut aus! <3 Das Centro ist auch wirklich ein guter Ort zum treffen =3

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous. *o*
    And so does the belt. I wish I'd be so creative and talented... owo
    Maybe I just should dare the 'impossible' more often (;
    All in all it sounds like a nice day :D

  6. *______* die bilder sind soooo schön <3
    und der gürtel *___* aww xD

  7. ich liebe es wie du die extensions gefärtb hast!!! das sieht toll aus ! steht dir auch ^^ und geiles outfit