Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

Minka, May 2000 ~ 30th October 2011

Dear Minka,

you were the most awesome and amazing cat I've ever seen in my entire life.
When I was eight you came into my life.
We got you on our holiday at the north sea. On a farm we fell in love with you and finally we could take you home.
We had wonderful years together.
You grew to become my sister.

You were a little chubby, lazy and you were always up for cuddling.
You always greeted me with a big "miaaww" when we saw each other again, I could see how happy you were to see me and I was even more happy to see you.

Everyone was amazed by the "tricks" you could do.
Standing on your legs, straight up (of course only for food).

Last year I got your paws tattoed on my leg because I wanted to keep you near my entire life.
You weren't interested in that but I hope you know what that means, haha.

I will always remember you and your soft fur beneath my hand, your purring and how you used to "embrace" me.
I hope you have a good life up there, watching us from above.

Please rest in peace. I hope to see you again some time.

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  1. Minka ist aber im May 2000 gebohren. Du hast dich verschrieben.