Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

A Day in "Kaiserswerth" & a small Shooting

I'm not able to keep up posting, haha.
But here is something new, finally.
On saturday we went to Düsseldorf Kaiserswerth, on a lovely and sunny autumn day. It felt like holidays! ^3^

We used the weather to do a small shooting.
This time Aiji took the photos :3~ Because we tried to style Rito a little gyaru-ish; she is usually really tomboy-like. But I think we did a decent job for the first time! ^^

I pretty much liked my make up that day ^^

Sunny beach! ^o^

Kissing JiJi?! XD

Art-like-photo which Rito wanted to take.. >D

For my lovely Aiji ♥

Rito on the right. Quite a good job, for the first time, ne? ;3 

What you're doing?! ... XD;

The Rhine! :3~ 

I didn't like the combo of the coat and the rest very much.. but it was okay! It was damn cold and my leather jacket looked strange on me that day~
I'm looking really forward to my new DreamV coat! *O* 

Neee... and what do you think..?
I think I improved a lot over the year... I'm not really egoistic or self-loving but I'm kinda proud, haha. ;'D 


  1. Ich finde du siehst wunderschön aus! Hab dich fast nicht wieder erkannt Liebes <3

    Die Exies stehen dir wunderbar und so 'schlimm' wie du dein Outfit fandest, ist es gar nicht ;D

  2. Muss ich mir Sorgen machen, dass ich irgendwie älter aussehe? QwQ