Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2011

Nails & 日本デ--

Sooo, it's been a while again.
Some things happened in the past days, but most of them were boring, e.g. the so called "Japan-Day", a cultural event which takes place in Düsseldorf every year.

But first I want to show you my new nails! *3*
Got them done yesterday for the first time in my life~

It's a flower-ish design with some rhine stones :3

I love them!!*Q* 

Well, now on to the Japan-Day...
We had our big MAD Family meeting there.. and that was the only really nice part of the day. 
I met my lovely LM.C guys again and we always have so much fun, no matter what. :3
I really love Melly, Kuchen, Ari and the rest ^-^ 

I cosplayed as Maya from LM.C again... we finished our hakama!! 
But I didn't feel well in it that day.
I've to say I'm really proud of how Aiji and me managed to do them.. and I really like them.
But I hated my face that day. I looked like a tired, twelve year old boy. Not exactly what I was aiming at. 
And so I felt unwell, shit and I was near crying a few times... I saw all those good looking VK-cosplayers, Gyarus and Lolitas and...gaaah. I felt so ugly.. uû

Nevertheless I want to show you some ok or nice pics which Ari took! 

Me and Ari~

Me, Ma-chan (Kuchen's BJD) and Aiji-chan. 

Crippeled logos XDD

The fireworks were awesome indeed. But they're flawless every year. lol
Buuuut before that we had to wait for two hours in darkness and cold!
..Whatever, the sunset was lovely: 

...A different thing: 
On sunday I finally got my "prize" from the Runeko-Cosplay-Competition where I won the first prize.
Well, it's a photo..whatever...thing.
In real life it looks quite nice, sorry that the quality is shit! >.<

That's it for now!
Uni is kinda exhausting. lol 


  1. Ich fand, dass du gut ausgesehen hast : o
    Aber es ist immer dasselbe - wenn man selbst unzufrieden ist, wirkt kein widerspruch >.<

  2. Ich find auch, dass du total süß und toll aussiehst! <3