Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2012

October Inspo! & Poll

Hey gals~
Yey, me is blog-spaming again!!
This time it's my inspiration-post for the month of October!

Because it's getting cold again and I won't have so much freetime anymore - university will start again next week - I was looking for new inspiring styles which I can wear on a daily basis.
You know, that's a bit difficult if you're only into d.i.a. and stuff.

So lately I came to like the 'Ane' style a lot more.
With brands like GARULA it's a lot more adult-like but still sexy; but because there's also the option of dressing more Ora Ora for Ane, it has a great variety and best of all - tanning is like non-existent in this style! Yessshh!

My autumn colours are definetly beige, grey and a light jeans-blue tone.
For the Ora part it's still lots of black and leopard or zebra print.

Here's my Ane-inspo:

Especially loving the left one here!

I love Yumachi so much, because she just wears everything she wants to,
and it looks just damn great on her! 

And here's the Ora part!

Need such a cap...

Hozunyam's such a beauty! >///<
Although she's a little bit to skinny for my likings...

I also orderd a belt, a dress and a top from dreamV today!
I hope it arrives soon I want to have this stuff for so long now.. kiyaaah. |3
And when my birthday arrives next month I'll order a lot mooaaarr~ 

Furthermore there's something I'd like to have your opinion about!
It's: What should I post more often on my blog? 
So I made a poll! Please vote and participate so I can make my blog more interesting for everyone!!
You can also leave your opinion here as a comment! Thank you! 

Ps. It's official now that by next month Aiji and me will have a new flat!!! Sooo happy!!
On friday it'll be deciced which one out of two we'll get~ 
Life will become a lot better from now on!