Freitag, 23. Dezember 2011

Not even 3 Days left...

...and tomorrow is Christmas! ^^
I'm not really particulary looking forward to it but it's okay. lol
I'll get alcohol at my father's in the evening. xD
Aaaand on monday it's time... ready for take off.. aaaah!

So after shopping for presents I got a new set of shorter extensions to match with long ones.
And now they are sooo comfy!!

(Just in case: I know I hadn't got on any gyaru-make up today and I didn't intend to look like that. I just wore make up so I wouldn't look.. nude. So you know that before you'll start trolling my pics on g_s again.)

Serious derp-face.

Aaand today I got my nails re-newed again!
It's not that extravagant now but it's elegant and I like it pretty much.

....Moreover I got all the things for university done for this year and it seems like the semester is nearly over. Waaii.

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  1. boah ich will auch aber hey g_s hat nicht nur negatives von dir drin
    und die extensions sehn toll aus *_*