Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

Japan Part I [Photo Heavy]

Hey guys!
Oh my god, it has been too long - I'm sorry! m(_ _)m
But now I'll definitly post about my time in Japan!
It was just... incredibly awesome. As expected. Though we had some quarrels some times.. we managed everything and came back home safely. ^^
But awww... wanna go back again even worse now.. ;A;

From Düsseldorf we went to Amsterdam and had to change their for our flight to Narita!
Biiiig KLM Airbus.

Oooh if you were there already.. you know this.. too far away! .__.;

Our lunch! Curry. Yey.

Oh, that's just Russia. lol

And finally - after looong 15 hours of travelling - we reached Tokyo-Narita.
Damn tired and still hadn't realized where we were. 

Aiji on the local train to Aoto.
It was her first time in Japan :3

This is where we lived: Asakusa.
In the background you can see the Tokyo Sky Tree. It will be opened in February now.

Our double room! Quite spacy for a japanese hostel. ^^
(aww still tidy there. XD; )

We had to wait for two hours so that we could check in... -__-
Because we arrived around 1 PM and could check in at 3... gaaaah.
But because we were so damn tired, we didn't do much that day.. just went to Harajuku and Shibuya a bit. But forgot to take pictures. lol

On the next day we met Kao at Harajuku Station and went for a bit of shopping. ^^

Those delicious crêpes! I could finally try them out!
Mine was blueberry cheesecake. *^*

So afterwards we went to Urawa together with Kao because we wanted to go to a very small J-Rock-Indie-Festival.
About 8 bands played there - and one of my favourite bands, the all girls group Danger Gang!!

Really small and interesting venue. Club Narciss. XD

And their live was awesome! As expected. There were only a few people... about 30? lol
But we had so much fun. And Hiko.. their more than sexy guitarist.. recognized and remembered me - from Twitter! 8D I was so surprised. But.. gaaaahh. ♥ Damn hot woman. 
There was also a quite interesting band I didn't know.
They gave out some surveys after their live - I tried to write a bit in japanese, but it's still so difficult - and the gave us a demo tape afterwards. 

The next day we also went to Harajuku & Shibuya - so much to explore still!
We started in Shibuya and went straightly to the 109. I was so excited I forgot to take pics. Sorry. ^^;
I had already been there in 2009 - but I wasn't interested in gyaru fashion at all.. so.. well.
I already said back then "If I could have such clothes in Germany, I'd totally dress as a girl". xD;
And now - it was just like heaven. >3<

On that day.. Aiji tried to dress a bit gal as well - for the first time.
And I have to say: she succeeded! But you will see yourselves.
All those pretty and cute store girls at 109 - especially at d.i.a., lol - talked to her a lot and told her how cute her piercings are and which they also had - so much for "iieks, gals don't have piercings". Hah.

Then we went for Takeshita Dori and Cat Street.
We also finally found the groucho-store! *__* (The store which sells LM.C outfits and stuff)

Sooo crowded! x__x

Aiji and me in front of a circle lense store.

Later that day we went to Shinjuku to look for a bus company where we could get tickets to Nagano on the 31st. 
It was a bit difficult - the bus station is very hidden! But again, we managed everything and got our tickets. ^^
Bus is so much cheaper to travel that train on long distances.
For a shinkansen ticket we would have payed about 8200 Yen oneway (!) and for both ways with bus we payed 7200 per person. I can really recommend that. 

Searching in Shinjuku..

And finally back to the hostel with the subway!

I always looked unhappy but I don't know why XD;

What I got that day: Ma*rs flyer, groucho SDG cap, the LM.C necklace, ACDC jacket, bus tickets, puri and   my Team LM.C works DVD arrived that day together with our concert tickets for Nagano.

On the next day, the 30th December, we met Kao again. This time in Shibuya.
We went to the WWW venue where DOG in the PWO would have played that day.. Aiji loves DOG so much.. and took a look if it really was sold out - but it was and we decided to do something else. >_<

Me on that day. Aiji took a pic.. and I was unhappy (?) with that. xD;

Aiji's bottle storage. In her new hat. O.o xD

The venue. 

...and it really was sold out ^^;

Former C.C Lemon Hall. O:

...and the Shibuya-AX!

The crêpes store at night. 

And then we went from Harajuku to Minato when it got dark...

.. because we wanted to visit the Tokyo Tower.
I only had been there when it was daytime - but this was even more beautiful! *__*

Still 2011. >D

And finally - the view...! I was speechless.

These photos aren't nearly how it was in real life.

Me with Kao.

and with Jiji. ♥

We sat there for what felt like hours.. staring outside... It was so romantic and gorgeous.
Didn't want to leave again.
But we did and went back home, for the next two days would be very strenous... 


  1. I'm happy you returned healthily :)
    Till now it sounds like a great trip.

    I love the photos you've taken from the view up the Tokyo Tower. ♥
    I'm curious what happened next. :D
    so... can't wait for the next part !

    Yuku. ♥