Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

Japan Part II [Photo Heavy] Team LM.C Limited Countdown Live & New Year

Hey there again!
So next onto Part 2. Yey.

On the 31st December we went to Nagano for Team LM.C's Limited Countdown Live 2011 -> 2012.
Oh my god, I can't describe how excited we were!!

Aiji at Honjoazumabashi station :3

Somehow.. my face looks like Wakas.. XDD


When we were nearly in Shinjuku... Aiji saw that she forgot her FC ID card.
But we couldn't return because we were already late.. D:
So we had to hope for the best.

To Nagano!

Crowded bus station seen from within the bus.

This is what we got during a break on the motorway - Azuki Maccha Latte from Starbucks!! *O*
Sooooo yuuummy.

Aiji and me on the bus ♥

..on the next motorway stop: "German" bakery! 

Second coach was ours.

And then finally: Arrived at cold cold Nagano!

You could see the mountains not so far away.

Nagano station.

In front of the station.. now.. where to go?

And then... we had to find the venue... which was really hard. lol
I only had a description of how to get there in japanese and a crappy map..
Sooo we went the totally wrong way.
But Aiji asked at a Lawson's and a nice old lady told her the way. :3
Around 6 PM we arrived at the venue - it was on the 7th floor of some shopping building.
But the round we wanted to attend would start at 10 PM 30.. lol 

Sooo we bought our merchandise that early... cos we were allowed to! Ha! 8D 

The most expensive but most wanted bag of my lifetime... *__*
(10,000 Yen...JESUS xOx)

The entrance of Nagano Club Junkbox.

Gangsta-Maya-Style! yo.

So around 7 we decided to get some dinner at a nearby convini..
and when we returned - we had to stay outside! D8
We had to wait until 9 to enter again!
And it got colder and colder by minute...

Aiji "reading" those signs on the front doors.

Eventually Kuchen and Beki came out around 8, because round 1 had just finished.
So we chilled at Starbucks together until we could enter again.
And then...
In a big room we had to line up according to our entry numbers. Kuchen and Beki had something around 50, I had exactly number 90... and Aiji had 371 Dx
When I entered it wasn't that full, I could straightly go to Kuchen and Beki, to the middle of the 4th or 5th row... We waited if we'd see Aiji so she could come join us also.
But it never happend ;A; (read her story on her blog)
So I spent sylvester night together with Beki and Kuchen...

..the concert itself was just...amazing! *O*
I stood directly in front of Maya.. gaaah. And could see sexy Aiji-san from there as well ♥♥
It was so much fun partying with all the Teamers! Never met such friendly people at a concert.
They didn't care at all that we were european.. we just had fun together!
And so we partiyed into 2012. 

Afterwards we waited behind the venue til 2 AM... and then went back to the station where we had to wait until 5 again, when the first bus came back to Tokyo.

Me totally exhausted and wet from maya's spitting and water throwing after the concert.. xDD;

We arrived at Shinjuku around 8 in the morning.. went back to the hostel.. and slept at 10:30...
Until we were woken by the kinda big earthquake on new year's day.
At first I was really confused about what happend - so I woke up Aiji.
The we just sat in our bed while it was shaking heavily for about 30 seconds.. but that felt like minutes.
Nothing happend though, our japanese house holders were calm.. so we didn't worry.
It was really exciting - but also scary.

The rest of the day we did nothing but relax and buy food.


yeah.. it's best engrish.

Room, not so tidy anymore.. xD
Next up is a post about the new year's sales and my two fukuburo!! 


  1. Die Fotos sind auch total schön. Kommt denn noch mehr? *___*
    Bäckerei Glück... hihi das ist ja niedlich! ♥

  2. So you noticed the earth quake though...
    Reading Aiji's post was like you just overslept the whole thing...
    But I'm glad nothing happened to you.
    It's so great to see the photos you've taken...
    Want to go to Japan too.. gnaah. D:
    I'll read your next entry when I'm back from walking woth the dog - be prepared for the next comment! :D

    Yuku. ♥