Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012

Japan Special & Last Part - LM.C's 5th Anniversary at Nippon Budokan

Hey there again~

So this the last part about Aiji's and my trip to Japan.
On the day before our flight back to Germany we went to LM.C's live at Nippon Budokan.
As I already told you, there had been much trouble concerning our tickets...
They didn't arrive even on the concert day and they were never seen anywhere.
We were so desperate, until something unbelievable happened: Our friendly hostel staff guy gave us the money to buy new tickets.
"I don't want to destroy your dream", was all he said.
I still need to thank him again properly... ;A;

So around 12 we left the hostel reception and headed for Budokan...

We got more and more excited with every sign!! lol

LM.C, even in the subway station!

nearly there.. after some nice japanese fans showed us the right direction.

Standing in line for merchandise

After we got our merch - a tour shirt, two armbands and a LM.C fukuburo, which cost 5,000 yen and contained things which were worth 25,000 yen! ** - we met Kuchen and Beki in front of the budokan.
We spent the rest of the time until the doors opened together.
There we also met Teya from America and other overseas fans as well.
And many japanese fans wanted to take some photos with us! :'D That was awesome. xD; And everyone was sooo nice again. (They also went crazy seeing our tattoos, haha.) 


A cute and very small MAD Aiji and Jiji <3

Two caps on top of each other on my head: cap-ception!

Most awesome maya cosplayer! TAT

And I also got to sign a banner for the three of us, because two girls asked in Japanese if we could understand them a little and as I answered I did, they told me it would be nice to leave a message ^^ 

Me, looking stupid. ehm.

Kuchen, fully packed with stuff!

Lunch: Nikumaaaan.

Beki & Kuchen, buying their lunch

The weather was cold but perfect.

Flowers, even from PSC! oO

Then I needed to wait in line to buy tickets at 3 PM...
Fortunately I was the second costumer so everything was fine. We got our S-Seat tickets without problems.
Then, we had to get in line again... the doors would open soon..

waiting for the doors to open!

Then finally we got in.
Our seats were located quite high, but the view was very good indeed.
Our row was nearly empty, except for two other girls. But in the end it should be nearly sold out, the Budokan...

Our view...

Slowly people were filling the rows.

And as usual, we were the only europeans in our block. |D;
Beki and Kuchen had Teamer tickets.. ;3; (Too expensive)

We had to wait for about half an hour for the live to start.
At first to DENKI-man came onto stage, pumping up two big bunny-logo-balloons. 
Everyone cheered and soon after that it got dark. 

I thought it would be like usual, them standing behind the big red curtain..
But it wasn't like that.
Maya and Aiji entered through the audience' entry at the back of the Teamer's seats.
Only two lights shown on them, when Aiji got his guitar and both stepped onto the little round stage in front of them.
Standing close next to each other, they began to play the special one night song...
Everyone raised their 88-lights while this beautiful ballad resounded in our ears.
It was just overwhelming... I cried. 

I have to admit that I'm really bad at remembering song orders of a live and stuff.
But it felt like they played nearly every song they ever created. (But it wasn't the case actually. lol) 

Stunning had been Maya's a capella before The Love Song... I never ever thought he'd be that~ good at singing a capella. It took your breath. 

During songs like Metally or Z-Man, Crazy a go go... we partiyed so hard, it was great.
And it was cute how everyone squealed and screamed when Zakiyama was shown on the big screen behind the band during Super Duper Galaxy. 

When they played It's a Wonderful Wonder World there was footage of the last Europe Tour and more shown on the screen.. We remembered everything.. it was so moving.
And I rocked out for everyone of my lovely friends whom I know because of LM.C and with whom I went on to the last europe tour. 

When Maya and Aiji finished after more than two and a half hours, they just couldn't leave the stage.. Thanking us again and again.. wandering from one point of the stage to another, just staring up at us and waving.
Everyone couldn't stop screaming and applausing. 
In the background they played Hoshi no Arika - and suddenly nearly the whole budokan sang along, louder than what was played.
You could see how overwhelmed the two were - both nearly crying, Maya not seeming to understand that everything was real.
You can't imagine how it sent shivers down your spine.. 

When they finally left the stage with a big smile to each other and a high five, it got dark again...
And the news were announced...
... 22.2., New Single Ah Hah!
.... 4.4., New Album Strong Pop 
.... February, Kanto 7 Nights Tour 
... May, World Tour 2012
... July/August, Live Tour 2012 
They even played 20 seconds of Ah Hah! afterwards.

You may imagine, how hard we screamed when we saw the dates for the world tour.
Until that point we had never imagined to see them so soon again! 
And Bochum being the final of the Europe circuit - more than perfect! 

Drunk from happiness and euphoria we left the Budokan, a last time lining up to get our CDs with the special one night song and the flyer with their new look.
Finally outside we met Kuchen and Beki again, partying together because of the upcoming things. 
Exhausted but laughing we went back to the station... aaand who stood there, giving out flyers?! 

Hiko-san from Danger Gang! *__*
Finally I could meet her! 

With a mixture of Japanese and English we talked to her... she was sooo nice and cute - and utmost sexy, of course! She recognized Aiji and me again, yay.
Saying good-bye to her we left to the station finally.

This had been one of the most happiest days of my life. 


  1. So nice that you were able to go to the concert anyways. That guy was so nice! Seems like the concert was just as you dreamed off ^^ Nice to hear you had fun..

  2. Awww...
    I'm sure I hardly can feel what you felt on their live in Budokan but the single idea of going to BUDOKAN is what gives me a shiver and your describtion of the happenings then were... very moving too.
    *whipes small tears away*
    I can't wait to see them in Berlin in May...
    I saw you and Aiji will be there too when I searched for the event on animexx - maybe we'll see each other :D

    It was so great to read your entries and I feel like I've end reading a great fanfiction and need to thank you for all the nice 'stories' you told. Strange... (laugh)

    Yuku. ♥

  3. First of all, thank you two. ^^ <3

    Thank you for all these great comments! *^*
    I'm so happy it was that interesting for you!
    And I hope to meet you in Berlin~ 83'
    ♥ ♥