Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2012

Japan Part III [Photo Heavy]

Hey gals! ♥

So this is the last "normal" part of my Japan-report.
The last one will be a special entry about LM.C's Budokan live. 

On the 2nd January we went - as you know - to Shibuya and Harajuku to do some new year's shopping.
But later that day we also decided to take a walk through Asakusa, where we lived.
We hadn't done that before because... I don't really know. lol

Near our hotel, the Asahi Building!
 (Looks like golden poo to me. Still.) 

Sumidagawa Bridge

The other side of the bridge - full of life! |D;

Kaminarimon - typical tourist pic!

The street leading to Sensoji

The next gate to the temple

It was really crowded - many people made their first visit to the temple this year.
And we were really the only european looking people there, but we didn't get any stares.
We stood in line like everyone else for visiting the inner part of Sensoji.
I offered some yen and made a new year's wish. ^^

Right next to the temple: Shinto shrine

Also here: everyone waits in line!

Fooood everywhere...

Famous shopping street of Asakusa

Still from new year's shopping: The most expensive eyebrow pencile of my life. lol
But it was worth it!

The next day we met up with Kao and Joanna (if I remember correctly) in Ikebukuro.
There we went to the Closet Child.. Aiji bought us a sinners CD (*O*) and I bought a second hand AP dress! ♥♥
After that we drove to Shinjuku where these two showed us great VK CD and merch shops.. mostly second hand, also with very rare items, yay! ... But it was a reeeaally hidden place.

Me & Aiji at Ikebukuro station. :3

Maccha Latte Frappucino ♥

As I said, hidden...

On our way back to the station.

Kao, Aiji & Joanna

My Angelic Pretty OP! *O* (Dreamy Dollhouse)

So on the 4th we did nothing because we both felt sick..
Well, on the 5th though we met Kao (again xD) and went to the Pokémon Center! *w*

On the way: Maccha and strawberry milkshakes!

It was so cute.. I had to do it! ;A;

After that we thought of what to do, so we decided to visit the Zojoji again at daytime! 

Us 3, taken by a creeeepy American... XDD;

Mizuko kuyo statues.
They are set up for aborted or dead born babies.

Me in a convini! xD;

In the afternoon we went to Akihabara, just to take a look.
It was a different place from which I had seen before. ^^

Escalators o,.o

Us 3 again, in a game hall!

Green tea kitkat! *3* Bought at a convini in Minato.

..and strawberry kitkat <3 yay

Bought at the Pokémon Center: Left one is mine and right one Aiji's.

On the 6th we did the last shopping tour and it was the last time that we visited Shibuya.. :/
We met up with Beki and Kuchen at Asakusa and drove to Shibuya.

Somehow the ceiling sometimes hangs really low.. LOL

We showed them the 109, which was really funny because.. they are all Visual Kei... >D
But they were impressed.
I bought an onepiece at Ma*rs and a sweater at d.i.a. *___*
(Unfortunately they hadn't any nice belts anymore.. .___.; )
I will show you the pics later... because we didn't take any in Tokyo. Ehem.
(Even forgot to take a pic of the shopping bags.. gaaahh)

Then we went on to Harajuku, after visiting Tower Records.

I dunno.. somehow... scary. 12-year old girls.

Dolly Wink-truck!

And finally we could visit the Meiji shrine!

But it was reeeeeaaally crowded .__.

In Harajuku I also bought socks and wristcuffs matching my new AP dress. :3
Because we were all tired we went back to the hostel after that...

Now onto the Budokan-ticket-dilemma.
Yup, you read right.
I asked my service agent if he had sent out my tickets.. but they still didn't arrive even on sunday morning, the day of the live. (Now I know why and what happend, but well.. I was so fucking angry.)
We tried to reach him via phone and email all day on saturday.. but we couldn't.
So we stayed in the hostel the whole day, switching between our room and the reception.

Bought in the convini: Kitten tissue box! >3<

Yup, important information..

Our hostel toilette in rosé, because everyone on fb wanted to see it... xDDD;

Kitsch much.

And even a baby dog picture... awwww! LOL

When we were already waiting for our train to Narita... ;___;°

In the skies, over Russia.

..It was so hard to leave Japan again. Even worse than the first time. But I'd expected that.
Jiji was also more than sad... despite her never believing when I'm telling her about such things. But it happend to her as well on that day.

It was such a great time, and I hope to come back throughout this year.


  1. It sounded like a really, really nice trip. And I'm more that thrilled about the LM.C specail! *o*
    I hope you'll be able to visit Japan again soon.
    I can't wait to go there some day too and the wish got even bigger reading at first Aiji's, now your entries... (sigh)
    I think I would suffer as much as you too when it's time to go home again... :o

    Yuku. ♥

  2. It sounds like you had loads of fun!
    LOL OMG even starbucks looks more amazing in japan... at least on that picture 8D
    It all looks soo cool and you have so many amazing pictures! :)
    I wish i could go there someday as well! It seems like the really best place on earth! You two are so lucky ♥
    You must've been really happy there~