Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

Japan Special Part - New Year's Sale: Ma*rs and AP Fukuburos

What couldn't I miss during our stay in Tokyo?
Of course - the 7 days new year's sale!
There were two things I wanted to have so badly: A fukuburo from Ma*rs and one from d.i.a. - My most favourite brands!

(What are fukuburos? Fukuburos are lucky bags, which countain the doubled amount of clothes of what you payed for it. Mostly the price is 10,500 Yen.)

...But it was impossible to get one from d.i.a...
It was already sold out at 7:30 in the morning! Dx Why?! And I also saw people with more than one bag from them.. that's so unfair! ;A;
(And everything told us the sale would begin at 10... >> So we were there at 9 but it already opened.. like.. wtf?! I still don't get it.)

The 109 when we arrived.

Jiji was sick that day, but she got a cute fukuburo from MarpleQ, her favourite brand! :3

 And seeeeee what I at least got?! Yeah, a Ma*rs fukuburo! It was a small suticase! *___* 

I was so happy that I got it!  ^o^ (Next to the 109)

Aaaand we met a really nice german girl there! ^__^
(She is also the author of some famous fanfictions...ehehe.)

Together with her we went to the LaForet in Harajuku. 
We just wanted to have a look.. and I thought I might get something from Angelic Pretty..
So we waited in line to enter at the top of the building... and when we got in I had to kinda hurry 6 floors down to where all the Lolita stuff is.
But I got a fukuburo from AP! >3< 

So now on to the lucky bag opening!
First the Ma*rs one...

I love it's design so much. >3

A top.

A zipper jacket.. so cute with the ribbon

A pullover

A mini skirt

And - my dream jacket!! *Q*
I always wanted to have it! I couldn't believe it.

AP was a full white coord... ♥

The biiig bag!

Super cute white bag

A very small shirt Oo


Hair ribbon

And the cute salopette! It's a bit short though.
But with bloomers and a petticot it will fit.

Aiji and her new stuff. |D

Everything fit quite well, eventhough it's only japanese size M. I'm happy. ^^

I looove Ma*rs! *3*

...and Jiji again. >D 

Next up is a part about the rest of our stay.. the Budokan live on the last day gets a special entry. ^,^/ 


  1. thank you for following me ~ You're so cute and I love all the things you bought *_* I followed you back ~~

  2. du hast super blog, es ist so hübsch und schön! Frau, ich mag deinen blog!:)

  3. Du wurdest getaggt! :D

  4. Really, really, really nice. ♥
    I'm so happy for you getting your dream jacket in that lucky bag :D
    I think SALEs are quite exhausting - already here in Germany...
    SO: Chapeau! For not giving up even without d.i.a.-fukuburo. ;)
    I'm already excited to hear something about the show in Budokan. ww...

    Yuku. ♥

  5. ich hab gelesen dass die scho um 7 Uhr anfangen !! o:

  6. wow,das makeup von asdrai und dir ist echt super. wie machst du das nur?