Freitag, 16. Dezember 2011

Pic spam of the last days

Hellooo there again!

So here I promised a few photos I missed to upload the last days/weeks. ^^
Some outfits and some random things!

These are the newest pics from yesterday:

Daily uni-outfit ^^

...Tried to find a good shot.. XDD 

And I finally could take a cool elevator-photo. LMAO 

Two weeks ago I tried a hairbun for the first time in my life! 
That day we went to Shinpei for a lovely evening. 

I liked it pretty much for the first try ^^
It isn't that big though.. 

And here is what we did at Shinpei's: 

We had a nice dinner with something selfmade she did with her family ^^ 
And some nice tea. ♥

Yasmintea-rose! >3< 

...Aaaah I want to repeat such a lovely evening soon. ♥♥

On the second advent Aiji and me had a romantic breakfast, which was also very nice... >3< 

The nice decoration Aiji's mother made for us. ^-^

...Aaaand I found some unposted pics from the day of the small gal-meeting! 
Only two. But I like them so you'll get to see them. 

I think I looked very mature that day.. |D 

..And last but not least, a rainbow spotted over our university buildings 
in these stormy days! *O* 

Can you see it? XD 

Now I have plenty of stuff to do for university.. Do not waaant.. Gah. m(._.)m


  1. Ich find das letzte Outfit genial. *_* Deine Haare vor allem und da ich im Moment eh auf rot stehe, auch dein Outfit. <3 Die hochgesteckten Haare finde ich auch total süß, steht dir voll gut. ^^

  2. Naaaaaaa, wenn ich dich so mit langen Haaren sehe, will ich auch wieder welche QQ
    Es steht dir so gut ♥ ♥ ♥

    lg Fifi ♥

  3. wenn du 'n 'größeren' Dutt haben willst, schau mal ob du 'n Duttkissen findest ;>
    Die sind recht günstig, geben halt mehr Fülle & mit den Dingern ists auch direkt viel einfacher den Dutt zu 'Formen'. xD