Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

[Circle Lens Review] Big Eye EOS Dolly Eye Ariale Blue from UNIQSO

Hey again gals!

About a month ago one of my favourite circle lense sellers UNIQSO asked, if I'd want to review some lenses again.
I was pretty happy and of course I said yes.
They also asked me if I'm using korean/asian make-up and of course I do..
Fastly they shipped my package and I had to do nothing but agree and wait - how comfortable! Haha.
I didn't know which kind of lenses I'd get so I was pretty excited.

After about 2 weeks I received my package right after we moved.
I was even more excited when I opened the package:

Lense case, lenses, face mask and thank you card

The thank you card was also a cute christsmas card! ♥
I tried the face mask just recently and I have to say - it's amazing. 
It's a korean brand (I can't read) and it's moisturising and softening with lavender scent.
I was a bit sceptic but it turned out to be awesome, it really softens your skin and smells great!

But now onto the circle lenses: 
I got the EOS Dolly Eye Ariale Blue.

Honestly these were lenses I'd never have bought on my own..
 Eventhough I was very sceptical about the design - I do really love it now!
It's not that unnatural or strange as I thought it'd might be. 

Lense inside the package.

Awww the package design is too cute and classy! 

Lenses inside the lense case. 

I tried them on when I went to the christmas party of my university institute. 
Because the information on UNIQSO's website says that they have a pretty low water contant, I was a bit afraid because my eyes are usually very dry. 
But I could put them in very easily and my eyes didn't hurt at all neither were they drying out! 

Lenses without much eye make.

A not so heavy make up.

And lenses in flash. You can see the details of the design pretty good.

These lenses are only 14,5mm but I think that's why the design doesn't look that unnatural on your eyes.
I like it and I think it fits to many types of make up because of that. 

And overall styling pic inculding the new lenses!
Doesn't look unnatural, right?

My outfit I chose to wear with the lenses the first time. 

Some days later, a more heavy make up for a party. 

The overall more heavy styling - the lenses still fit to it pretty well I think. 

Even on new year's eve I wore them! 
Also practicable for a classy styling. 

Recently they're really my favourite pair of lenses, because they're always easy to put in and easy to wear!
Thank you UNIQSO. ♥

Review in a nutshell:


Not that huge but making your eyes bigger.



The blue colour is amazing but pretty dark on my light eyes.
So I don't know if I should recommend them on dark eyes..
The design is chrystal-like but not too unnatural, something special, I like it.



They are easy to put in and easy to wear!
Comfort is the most important thing to me in lenses. 
And these are really comfortable.



Although I'd never thought of that, I do love these lenses!
They'd also make good everyday lenses. 
So I highly recommend them to you.



  1. awww schöne Linsen *v*
    Du bist so hübsch, vor allem die letzte Frisur gefällt mir sehr gut^^ ich möchte auch wieder cirlce lenses haben aber trau mich nicht :(
    sollte mir wohl erstmal normale linsen holen..XD

  2. Das Design ist echt umwerfend und es sieht super an dir aus!
    Es ist auch total toll zu hören/lesen, dass sie so bequem scheinen. :)

    You've been tagged. (;

  3. Helloo your blog is really cute! These lenses look really good with your makeup too <3