Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2013

2012 resolution & improvement meme

Hey gals,

long time no see, I'm sorry!
As you might know we moved during December and had no internet for like.. 3 weeks.
Now my christmas holidays are nearly over but I'm able to blog again. Yay.

No belated Christmas-post from me, no heavy 2012 review... just a small summary of what happened last year and what I want to reach in 2013.

So, this year:

- Everyone died. Aiji's grandpa, our cat.
- We reached 2012 in Japan
- Survived my first year of university
- Changed a subject at university
- became a total brand whore. LOL
- been in a relationship with Aiji for 2 years
- looked for a new flat
- moved at the end of the year
- kinda got a new best friend
-got tattooed

2012 -> 2013 still call myself a gal.
Here's my improvement meme:

2013 is hopefully gonna be much better than last year, although I won't complain. Haha.
So this is what I want to reach this year: 

- finish my language courses at university 
- take the JLPT 
- get a transfer place at a Japanese partner university 
- if not, get back to Japan somehow 
- become a TEAMER again 
- go to London / see Kei again ;w;
- lose at least 7kg until March / LBM 
- get at least 2 more tattoos 
- celebrate 3 years with Aiji
- do sports, sports, sports 

Well. Hopefully I'll achieve at least some of that. lol 
Before I end this post.. This is a dream Aiji and me fulfilled ourselves at the end of last year:

Finally a tongue piercing! :'D
Although it's still strange I loove it~ 

Until later, when I'm gonna do my circle lense review sponsored by UNIQSO.


  1. whaaaaa zungenpiercing (oo); krass *-*
    Und ich hab noch nichtmal Ohrringe ;0; Hatte mir ja fest vorgenommen, bis 2013 ohrlöcher zu bekommen aber irgendwie gar nich dazu gekommen (>//<)
    Aber erstmal ein frohes neues Jahr <3
    Tut mir übrigens elid dass wir uns an der Xmas-Feier kaum gesehen haben, weiß auch nich wieso :( hätt gern fotos gemacht <3
    Sehen uns ja dann nächste woche <3

  2. Ohh ich hab deine Einträge vermisst x3
    Viel Erfolg bei deinen Vorsätzen!

  3. uuui du bloggst wieder, ich dachte schon du hättest aufgehört T_T
    xDDD ich will auch noch meine vorsätze auflisten, aber mal schauen ob man die sowieso durchhält. die gal timeline aus 2012 sieht so toll aus <3

  4. Endlich ein Blogentry ^^
    Ich hab auch ein Zungenpiercing, yaaay!! ^-^
    Dein Improvement Dings...Timeline ist cool :3

  5. I didn't managed to do a post like this still.
    Need to repeat all my Japanese vocabs now ; ;
    And do homework. Why do Christmas vacation have to end now?

    I wish you good luck with your aims for 2013!
    Especially for JLPT!
    I heard some of the levels are aweful hard. D:
    What level do you want to do?

    You too look great with the piercings!
    I hope we'll be able to see each other again in 2013!! :D