Mittwoch, 14. November 2012

New Tattoo & An Café-Concert

Hellooo again~

To keep up with recent events, here's my post about the An Café concert in Dortmund last saturday!
...But at first:
Finally I got my new tattoo!! Or should I rather say 'tattoo addition'?

On friday after university had finished I went to Ishi's Tattoo Studio where my friend Oro added some stars and the initial hiragana of maya and Aiji.
It was the most painful tattoo so far, but I somehow survived it again, haha.
I kind of got a 'bracelet' out of stars around my upper arm. Red, green, blue, violet, black, pink and yellow ones.
While tattooing I had to turn around in very weird and akward postitions.. xD;
But I am so happy that it is finished now! It's also healing pretty well.

I saw this when I stood up again:

Stars - made of my own blood!! o.O 

And that's it right after finishing (but it's only the front part): 

..with a little blood though. ^^; 


Well, on saturday we didn't got up that early, we slept because I was very, very exhausted after getting my tattoo done. 
I took a shower and got ready until 1 PM. 
Then we drove to Dortmund together with Aiji's little sister - it was her first concert ever and she was so excited! 

But when we arrived... 
Something really weird happend. 
We walked past the very short 'line' of people waiting (about 30 to 40 people where there already) to look if  we knew someone.. 
Suddenly that girl appeared, looking like a stoned mixture of a kangaroo and a T-rex. 
She was like "Do you already have a waiting number?" 
I was a little startled and answered:
"No, but we don't want one because we'll stay in the back anyway." 
She didn't seem to believe us.. 
"But you need a number!"
I said no again, we do not need one, because with a still 11-year old kid like Sammy we will stay in the back. We're not crazy, you know. 
So I just went further away to some stairs to sit down and wait.
The stoned T-rex went after us and said something like:
"That is not the back of the line!! Either you go back or you have to have number!!"

(Explaination: The real~ waiting line was like.. 30m away from us? LOL
People where just sitting at our spot and relaxed.)

First I just ignored her. What a weird woman.
But she kept being persistent and I told her if she thought that we'd be crazy and would be trying to push us to the front with a child.
She still didn't get it.
So I asked her to just leave us alone then, we just wanted to rest and eat there.
Finally another girl appeared and told the weirdo to just leave us be because she believed us that we'd want to stay in the back with Sammy. -w-; Pheeeew.

....Anyways a little later Goof and Senya arrived at the venue. ^-^
So we talked and laughed a lot and took some pics!

Senya and me~ :3'

Goof and me~ ^-^ 

Short after that Kao and Kazu arrived, coming all the way from Bremen! 
I was happy to see them again. 
Also Kathesh and his little sister came a bit later. 

A very weird face expression of mine. 

The venue. 

Kazu and Kao and Aiji! 

People waiting.. still no real waiting line. >P 

Some people from also asked us for some pics for a "Fashion Check" for their homepage!! Yay!
I wonder if I'll appear there. ^-^ 
So, here's my full outfit for that day: 

Jacket: Punk Rave 
Shirt: New Yorker
Pants: ebay 
Shoes: Deichmann 
Necklaces: groucho 

Gaaahh, I had such a bad hair day. >< 

Sometime later Ducky arrived finally!! *^*
We haven't seen her since LM.C in Munich last time. 
Although we could enter around 5 PM it was already dark..
And half an hour before it started to rain heavily. Luckily I had an umbrella with me.
The entry was really, really mannered! I never experienced that before! 
Inside we searched for a nice place in the back... 

Only half of the people where inside then. 

While searching for the best spot, Rumi arrived after a hard day full of work! 
So we stood left of the stage, near the wall.
We had plenty of room and we did furi and parapara and danced and sang all along!
It was just great!
The boys rocked the stage and everything was just a great party. 
An Café all looked very, very handsome and they were so happy to be back again, it was cute. 
They even talked a little German and everyone went d'awwwww. xD 
Also Sammy is still pretty amazed; so happy she liked her first concert!

So in the end I couldn't resist buying myself a T-Shirt.. ehehe. 
Then we went back to the trainstation, luckily it had stopped raining by then. 
We got something for dinner and took some farewell-pics with Ducky! 

Sammy, me, Ducky and Aiji. 

Ducky and Aiji! 

Me and Ducky. 

At home we were all very happy but also very exhausted! 
Can't wait for Black Line in December though. :'D~ 


  1. ich hasse diese Nummern Sache. Kann etwas noch mehr nerven?? -.- Oh man ey...Kinderkacke. Nur weil die vor der Halle pennen geil finden.

    Coooles Outfit ^-^

  2. whaaaaaaaaaaaaa saht ihr alle cooln aus!!! *_* Dein Outfit is geil, richtig kreatv^^ Gefällt mir :D

  3. ich will noch immer diese Ho9se...und Oh my god XD wie geil du "mana" beschrieben hast hahahaha
    ig kann nimmer vor lachen ...und nicht vergessen: Ihr braucht eine Nummer!

  4. "Suddenly that girl appeared, looking like a stoned mixture of a kangaroo and a T-rex."
    Ich weine gleich vor Lachen xDDDD

  5. Aaaaaaaach und sag Jiji bescheid dass sie mir keine Photos mehr bei Mexx für meinen Entry schicken brauch XD

    Ich hoffe sie hat nichts dagegen wenn ich 3-4 von denen hier verwende? °^°" Die sind gut geworden

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