Dienstag, 13. November 2012

Halloween & My 21st Birthday

Hey gals and everyone! ♥

Long time no see again, I'm sorry.
But I was kind of.. unmotivated because of university and everything lately.
Well, here I am again with a very late post about my Halloween and birthday~

On Halloween Aiji, Shinpei, Rumi and me went to a gothic and rock club here in our town.
We didn't expect that, but it was really cool!
And because of our "great" costumes, we also had free entry. Happyyyy.
We drank much.. mainly Tequila in all forms.. because it was quite cheep.
Also the music was very good, they even played Lindsey Stirling! (And also Gangnam Style, bwahahaha.)

We stayed there until 4 am, went home and slept right away.. well, I had to shower first.
Here you can see why:


I'm not really good at whole body theatre make up yet.. ><; 

Aiji and Rumi~ 

Meee and creepy cute Aijuu! ♥

Again, so demonic.. kehehe

Aiji and Shinpei. 

The three of us..
(My nose. lol)

Creepy lights~

Pic I took of Aiji~ ♥ 

Well, Aiji had a pretty good hangover the next day.
But.. also Shinpei and me were kind of... lazy. And because the 1st is a holiday here, we could chill in bed all day, hah. 
Then we started the prepartions for my birthday..
Shinpei stayed with us from Wednesday to Saturday, so on the 2nd we went food shopping for my birthday party. 
In the evening also Jay, Lina and Rumi arrived and we did a small 'party' until it was my birthday at midnight.
Yey, I became 21! lol. What an unintersting age though... 

But theeeeeeen... I got the beeest birthday presents eeever!! *___* ♥
I couldn't believe it! 

Devil Kiss douijinshi in a complete~ edition!! Wohaaa!
And... the very best... a picture for my drawn by the awesome MAKURO-san! ♥♥
She is one of my most favourite Manga-ka (but still a newcomer). *O*
I thanked her via pixiv and she relly replied me! qwq; Such an awesome and kind person!
I'm still sooo happy! 

The next day, my birthday, we went to eat sushi in Krefeld - at my favourite sushi restaurant!
It's heavenly! 
Here's Aiji and my plate: 

So yummy!
Some maki with tuna and shiitake, some california roll with tuna and baked roll, also with tuna. xD

Me while eating~ derp.
(Without lenses that day) 

Lina laughing, awww ♥

Shinpei and.. Jay.. no proper photo of Jay, argh! xD; 

Delicious bubble tea as dessert with tapioka especially made for us! *O* 

Later on we grabbed our things at home and went to my home town.
In the evening we had dinner at my father's with my dad, stepmum and one of my grandmas.

That's how the table decoration looked like:

My dad preparing food~ 

Our desserts! 

Again later on we went to sleep at my mom's place.
Although she always disliked animals/pets she likes Socke a lot now so she can stay with us overnight!
So great. 

Sleepy Socke chilling. 

The next day, sunday, we had coffee and cake at my old home. 
Together with my mum, grandma no.2 and some friends of my mother. 
It was quite calm, so it was pretty okay and nice. 


Too lazy for extens, gaah. 

I decorated the table myself, hah. xD
I like it! 

In the evening we went home and our daily life carried on.. 
But I think it was a great Halloween and birthday this year! ♥ 


  1. happy belated birthday again XD <333
    Great pictures! You all look awesome!

  2. Was für ein schöner Geburtstag^^ :) Das letzte Outfit finde ich voll hübsch *-*

  3. 21 ist doch voll das geile Alter, jetzt bist du international volljährig :D
    Ihr seht alle total toll aus, sowohl an Halloween als auch an deinem Geburtstag ^-^