Freitag, 6. April 2012 Circle Lense Review: Princess Mimi Sesame Grey

Hey gals,

finally I'm gonna do my review about my sponsored lenses I got from MapleLens!
I chose "Sesame Grey" out of the Princess Mimi series modeld by Tusbasa Masuwaka; I wanted to have grey lenses for a certain time now.

But first of all, something about
Their shop is fairly new and they made a sponsoring campaign for promotion.
I like their webshop, it's really easy to find what you're looking for and they have a great range of lenses, suitable for everyone.
Their prices are really okay, also when it comes to shipping.

Jeremy from MapleLens is a very friendly and kind person, he answers your questions really fast and solves problems easily - I was confused if I had to pay for the shipping because the webshop said so, but he solved it very fast and  I hadn't to do anything else. :'> Just wait until my package arrives.
I also didn't get my FedEx tracking number immediately, but he fastly told me it after I asked what happend.
So I can say they're really costumer-friendly and there's nothing to complain about!

I waited for a half a week for the lenses to arrive - very fast indeed!
I was very excited when I opened the package..

FedEx envelopement - quite big.

Inside the envelopement!

Korean lashes with glue! **

Cute thank you card!

Frog case! ^x^

Nicely packed lenses. :3

Inside the bottle!

Both lenses with daylight.

The lenses are 15mm - pretty big!
You can see the enlargement very well.

With flash.

They also look quite natural with flash! o.o 


Because they are 15mm, the enlargement is pretty big!
But I think you don't look like an alien so it's a good thing.



Although the colour seems to be not that bright in the case, I think it stands out pretty well.
But I have light eyes (greyish blue with a yellow tone) I can only say it for blue/green/grey eyes.
Because they are two-toned they blend in with my natural eye colour very well! So that's the main reasons why it doesn't look that unnatural.
My usually blueish eyes are getting an awesome intensive grey - I love it! 



My eyes are usually pretty sensitive but I can put them in almost with no pain or stinging.
(Usually even new and very clean lenses sting.)
When my eyes have adjusted to them for a few minutes I can wear them without feeling uncomfortable.
Still, the dryness of my eyes isn't all solved with them now - they feel pretty dry without eye drops as well after a certain time (which is not that long).
But they're better than any of my lenses before!
The only minus thing is, that my sight gets a little dizzy after taking them out..



I came to love the Princess Mimi Series by now!
I can highly recommend these lenses for people how already owned at least a pair because they're pretty big.
But I can say you'll also love them. :'>
Totally gonna buy the "Apple Green" ones as well some time. 


...Last but not least:
When you want to purchase from now,
you can enter my blog code "maachahime" and get 15% off!! Plus a free mystery gift! ^__^ ♥ 

Thank you MapleLens! ♥


  1. uuuh die hab ich auch <3~ hab 'se am Japantag getragen, btw. xD die Linsen sind toll *^*

  2. wow very beautiful lenses!and them looks on you very cute ^^

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    i like the way you present your blog post.

    I will visit your blog more often

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    Enjoy and stay pretty : )