Sonntag, 1. April 2012

Make-up haul on the 1st of April & hedgehogs

Hey gals!

I know today is sunday.. but Aiji and me went to the trainstation because we went out of shower gel and make up.. and there is an dm market, which is always open.
And because we saved some money we could finally buy new stuff!

This is my stuff:

1. Photo Finish liquid foundation Nr.020 Rosy Beige by Catrice
2. Allround concealer by Catrice
3. Duo Blush Nr.050 Apricot Smoothie by Catrice
4. Nude lipstick Nr.54 Honey Bee by essence 

New showergel, new shampoo, new deo (omg I love "glam up" so much! **) and shavers.

It's an "indian" showergel with mulberry and lotus flower. :3

Here's what's Aiji's and mine: 

Nailpolish remover and some cleaning things for our faces. ^^
And also Maybelline's "Illegal Length" mascare we were interested in. 

And so I had to try the new mascara immediately!
This is the result: 

This is what it looks like.

My eye (very simple casual make up) before.

..and after the usage! 

You can clearly see that it works! ♥
I think the mascara is totally worth it's money in my opinion. 
It's also a very deep black I like very much. 
I can't wait to see the result when I hadn't some mascara on before. 

Now on to the lipstick!

It looks really dark.. I was a bit afraid.
But I loved the result in the end! 

Strange pic of my lips as usual..

And with the lipstick on! ♥ I like it. 

I also bought some new blush because I wanted some orange, which seems to be really important in Ora Ora styling. I always thought it was weird but now, when I'm trying styles which aren't expected to be cute I think it's a must have instead of pink blush.
And I found a bright orange at Catrice! 

I think I'll stick to the lighter tone though.
But you can also mix them, which Aiji tried later.. xD

I'm really happy with what I got today and I can't wait to try everything out 'for real' in my styling.
I love make up! ** ♥

We went also to a fair for exotic animals and reptiles today with Aiji's father and her sister.
Sammy, Aiji's sister wanted to buy a new rat there.. but it came differently.
We saw some "Igeltanrek" (sorry I don't know the English word xD) who are kind of a  very cute, small hedgehog which you can keep at home in a terrarium (yes it is legal and okay to keep them like that!) 

(Sorry for the bad quality - iPhone pics!) 

They are soo cute and very curious about everything! And they're very.. how can I say? brave and not scared of anything. Although they have very sharp teeth they're kind and tranquil. :3 

...Aaaah, tomorrow university starts again! >w<
It's my second semester Japanese and Social Studies.. I'm only halfway motivated though. XD
It's so exhausting and I'm such a lazy person. lol 


  1. wow hätte nicht erwartet das Illegal Length Mascara so gut ist *_*~<3

    Ich liebe die Produkte von Catrice *-*
    Ist das flüssige Make up gut? oô
    vllt wollte ich mir das gleiche kaufen ^-^

    Die Igel sind total niedlich~<3


  2. Wie ich dich grad verstehen kann dass du keine Lust auf Uni hast... ich hab erst seit drei Wochen wieder und drücke mich schon vor Unternehmensführungsgruppenarbeit und Japanischaufsatz (.-.)
    Irgendjemand böses frisst alle Motivation!

    Um diesen Blush bin ich auch schon herumgeschlichen...aber meiner einer muss warten bis sie wieder Geld hat (-.-)

    Die Igel sind ja niedlich...ich dachte eigentlich bisher, das sei nur ein seltsamer Spleen der Japaner, sich Igel zu halten...

  3. Nice new stuff...
    I need money. Get so frustrated everytime I see others trying out their newest stuff... D:

    I already saw something about those hedgehogs some days ago.. They are so adorable ! *w*

    And I hope you'll be more motivated for your studies soon... (;
    I have to learn so much for my finals now.. ;o;
    Good luck for your second semester!