Donnerstag, 12. April 2012

STRONG POP, Easter & Gyaru Valentine

Hey gals!

My uni-week is nearly over, only one lesson of Japanese left, yeah.
And than it's weekend, finally and on sunday there's a small convention, I'm going to cosplay again, so happy!

On tuesday finally my limited edition (first press) of LM.C new STRONG POP album arrived!!
I was sooo happy! ♥

The box is really huge!

And the back is so.. art- and colorful. x3

The fantasista utamaro T-Shirt which came with Type B! **

Actual CD.

It's quite "bodycon" but it fits perfectly! ♥

So I don't have a problem with my cosplay and how to do the shirt.. haha xD

Oh my gosh, I love the album so much...!
It's really electro heavy but there are also "classical" songs like 'Peekabo' with some awesome guitar sound, or the beautiful ballad 何も始まらなかった一日の終わりに。(Nanimo Hajimaranakatta Ichinichi no Owari ni.).. which I'm in love with since the first sounds I heard.
Also, "We are LM.C - The anthem of Strong Pop" is a total blast as well!
And Baby Talk won't get out of my head since a week now. xD'
I can really recommend you their new work!

And this is the poster which came with the first press edition! :3

Easter was quite calm and I felt it was only about eating all the day.. ooh myyy. xD;
On sunday we went to a greek restaurant, my mum, grandma and me. It was very delicious!
But I'm not used to such food anymore..
On monday I went for brunch with my dad, sister and my dad's girlfriend. It was quite.. elegant, ohoho!
I had to dress "appropriately", ahah. The restaurant was an old german farmhouse, really big and beautiful made of only dark wood.
The food was also more than delicious!

Oh my god, I'm not able to eat like a proper lady at all... but I survived it.
After the brunch I went back home, to Aiji.

Also, the days were really beautiful and sunny (except for monday..).
And I took some pictures - such a great spring feeling!

Out of our kitchen window~

Easter-"wood" (XD)!

And on time, it bloomed easter sunday!! ♥
Sooo beautiful..

Mum bought japanese cherry twigs for my old room.

....Aaaah, I nearly forgot D:
After the nice post on gyaru secrets I also got my third valentine!! I am so damn happy!! QwQ ♥♥
Thank you, whoever did it! 

Link to the original post. 

Well, sleepy-ya is off for now! 



    U SO UGLY.

  2. That LM.C's album design looks so cool! (^^)

  3. Woah die CD kam mit einem T-Shirt? Nice Sache :O

    Und du verdienst die Valentines auf jeden Fall ♥