Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

Summer Gal Meet-Up and black diamond GAL unit

Hey gals!
Finally here's my post about the summer gal meet-up last weekend in Düsseldorf!
I was so excited about that, you wouldn't believe that, haha.
Many beautiful gals from all over Germany came on two days.
But due to some circumstances we could only participate on one day >__<
Anyways, it was so much fun!!

Shinpei, Aiji and me arrived on time at two at the mainstation on saturday.
Kitai, Lisa, Kate and Amanda where already there, we joined them and talked a little, until the rest came.
In the end we where 12 people, also some nice girl from the netherlands!

We went to eat something, went throught the japanes shops and took purikura, drank bubble tea..
It was really nice and chatting with everyone was so much fun.

Here are some pics~

Shinpei and me, eating. 

Beautiful me! 

My very, very beautiful Aiji <'33

Everyone in the OCSm before taking puris. 

Some of the others in the puri-machine. xD

Kitai and Aiji editing puri!

Cute Kyo and Amanda. :3

Drinking bubble tea. 

Sadly I have no group pics at the moment. >__<
Kyo was the only one who made some, so I'll have to wait until she uploads them! 

Here is my outfit, hair and make up for that day:

Top from New Yorker
Belt is selfmade
Shoes from Jumex
Foxtail was bought in Harajuku 

The hairstyle was inspired from Sakurina in the newest ageha..
But it's very difficult with extens.. >_< 

For the first time I didn't use eyeliner! 

And last but not least, our purikura! ^__^

It was such a nice day and I'll hope to see everyone again soon! x3

The second thing I wanted to tell you about is:

I'm a member of the Japanese and international GAL unit "black diamond" now!!

It's not a circle, but a unit with more then 100 gyarus in Japan and now they're also expanding to overseas! 
Our leaders are people like Mipochi and Yun (egg-model)! *-*
Other members are kuro-yayo and nearly the whole d.i.a. 109 staff. 
I'm so proud and happy now! 

The website (I'm also featured!!) is here:

And the facebook is here: 

Here are some impressions of our Japanese members: 

As you can see, 
it was mainly a unit for Kuronba/Tsuyome/96gal.
But because I'm already a 46gal and aim to be 96.. I applied! ^_^ 

I hope to meet them when I'm going back to Japan hopefully at the end of the year~ 


  1. Sounds like much fun and congrats to your unit-membership! :D

  2. Du siehst sooo hübsch aus! Ich konnte es ja auch in echt bewundern, hehe ^___^
    Aber ihr alle schaut sehr hübschi aus :3
    Und Glückwunsch zur Mitgliedschaft! ^-^