Montag, 20. August 2012

Gal-Meet group pic & lazy hot days

Hey gals!

Are you melting in this heat as much as I am?! >__<
It's incredibly hot in Germany these days - but I'm also kinda glad about that~
The summer last year was really horrible and we thought it'd be like that this year again.. but heeeyy!
Some heat can be nice as well~ ^^

Finally cute Kyo posted one of the group pics from our summer gal-meet! :3~
And I want to share it with you, of course.

Everyone from the second day! ♥
(My face looks so round..)

Also, our dog lady is adjusting more and more to her new life!
She's here for a week now and it seems like she's really trusting us now.
Socke walks around freely and explores the flat more and more!
And she's already walking from and to the park every day by herself.. but new places are still scary and she refuses to walk there.. We'll need a lot of patience, but it's okay. 

On saturday we went to a big lake near us, the Wolfssee "wolf's lake".
I never knew such beautiful places do exist in this city! *__*
It's really big, very green with some wood and you can go bathing there! Of course it was really crowded on that day.. at every little piece. 
But anyways we found a nice place to stay and swim! We also had a picnic there. 

Socke swam like a pro! And she liked it so much. x3

But best is to be carried by Aiji.. 

beautiful lakeside ♥

Socke drying!
(Gaaahh she still looks so skinny when wet ;A; )

I wore my favourite black x pink x gold bikini on that day... but I won't show you any pics, because you don't want to see that, haha..
...What else are you doing on hot days?
Right, drinking refreshing beverages! ^__^
This is my favourite for this season: 

"Krombacher's Fassbrause" with Lemon taste.
Looks like beer, smells a little like beer.. but it isn't beer at all. xD
So yuuummy. ♥ 

There are also some photos left I want to show you.
Firstly, a pic of me from the meet up I like very much but forgot to show you~ 

The day before the meet up we went a little shopping and I had a really, really boyish day..
So I dressed a little gyaruo.

...the only pic I liked kinda from that day~ n__n 

...And lately I cleaned my lenses:
and realized how many pairs I have, haha! Take a look... 

Well, that's it for now!
Stay cool.. |D 

Cute Socke wishes you a nice evening! ♥ 

(...eeehh I need a  new signature..)


  1. Really nice photos again and I'm happy that Socke feels good so fast at your place...

    I use to stay in my room in the basement when it is so hot outside... Also because I was quite sick the last days... Fever and sh*t like that D:
    But now everything's fine again and I hope the heat will go... it's enough if we have sunny weather... but please a little cooler... 25° are much more human...

  2. Great Blog, Maya ^^
    I love it!

    best wishes
    Maya (yes, my name is Maya tooo xD )

  3. Socke is so cute, I really love the pics of her and of you ^-^